The battle between Milo Yiannopoulos and Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble has been keeping “Dangerous” off the shelves, but why?


By Colin Louis | USA

Milo’s new book, Dangerous, has hit stores. However, Barnes and Noble, the popular book store, has yet to put it in their stock. Controversy is not a new problem for Dangerous, though. The publishing company Simon & Schuster decided to cancel their deal with Yiannopoulos before its release, so the alt-right icon then decided to sue Simon & Schuster for $10 million. The shut down of from the publisher did not stop him though, and Milo self-published the book, making it an Amazon Bestseller. To add insult to injury for the left, hours after it was available for preorder the book passed Chelsea Clinton’s book in sales.

Milo has posted videos to YouTube asking people to call the Barnes and Noble corporate number and demand they sell Dangerous in stores. Out of curiosity, I decided to take up Milo’s orders and shoot them a call. When I called the Barnes and Nobles corporate number, one of their employees stated: “The only information I have is that it should be in stores shortly.” This does poke a hole in Milo’s narrative, seeing as that they now claim that they will be selling it in the near future. Regardless, would it not be sensible for such a major retailer sell a best seller?

It seems obvious that Barnes and Noble might not sell Dangerous due to political pressure or motive. Milo has not yet directly called them out on that but has attacked them on selling Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler while keeping Dangerous off the shelves. Of course, Barnes and Noble sells Mein Kampf for historical purposes, not to train neo-nazis. This battle is interesting and is continuing. I, along with many others, am on the edge of my seat wondering how this book selling controversy is going to end.

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