71R Exclusive Interview With Matthew C. Scaro, Candidate for Illinois Governor.

By Colin Louis | ILLINOIS

Illinois is a blue state with a Republican Governor, Bruce Rauner, who will face reelection in 2018. Governor Rauner’s main opponent will likely be JB Pritzker, a Democrat. But who’s running on the Libertarian side? Three candidates are running as Libertarians for Illinois Governor, Kash Jackson, Jon Stewart, and Matthew C. Scaro.

Illinois faces a large debt crisis, for two years the state went without a budget. Recently a new budget passed that raised taxes by 32%. I was able to interview Matthew C. Scaro about his policies and how he would fix issues facing Illinois as Governor.

When I interviewed him, Matthew presented himself as a lifelong believer in Libertarian values, and an active member of the Gary Johnson for President campaign, the Claire Ball for Illinois Comptroller campaign, and the Kent Mcmillan for Senate campaign. He is also the President of a marketing company. Scaro stated that he firmly supports full drug legalization, a balanced budget, and term limits. Scaro came out in support of having a state constitutional convention to implement term limits and pension reform. His plan for criminal justice reform would be to pardon all nonviolent drug offenders thus making police give up on arresting them in the first place. When asked about how he would work with the Democratic majority in the state Congress Scaro said that he would sit down with all parties to discuss a solution and pass a balanced budget. When asked about his budget plan Scaro stated he would kill the deficit, lower income tax, and make education and infrastructure a priority.

Illinois has been embarrassed by the recent Governors put in jail due to corruption, when asked how his administration would avoid corruption Scaro said that he wasn’t running for Governor for special interest groups but instead for the people of Illinois. Recently JB Pritzker announced his running mate, when asked what is important in his selection process for a running mate Scaro stated that he had no intention of picking a running mate but instead letting the delegates decide. Scaro recognizes that he can’t compete with Rauner and Pritzker‚Äôs deep pockets but can run a campaign driven by policy and change. His opponents in the Libertarian Primaries are Jon Stewart, a retired Professional Wrestler and Amash Jackson, a veteran. Scaro believes that both candidates have strengths and believes that they are both great opponents. Scaro believes that if made the nominee he can grow the party and its voters.

Scaro is driven and intelligent, as the primary continues we will see how this election turns out. The primary will be in March of 2018; the Libertarian delegates will decide who becomes the nominee. Between the Democrat’s plan to raise taxes and the Republican’s failure to balance the budget this may be the perfect time for a Libertarian to win an election. If you want to learn more about his platform or campaign go to mcs4il.com


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  1. His Criminal Justice reform idea of pardoning all “Non violent” drug offenders is not well thought out. Many many many plea bargains occur at the local level by county prosecutors. I can’t tell you the number of times that I have seen a more serious violent charge get dropped by a prosecutor in lieu of a guilty plea for a lesser possession charge. Arbitrarily across the board pardons would result in the unintended consequence of freeing some big time serious offenders. This is unacceptable and unless Scaro publicly changes his stance I could never see him as a serious contender, no way I would ever vote for him. Prosecutors often are concerned with politics and reelection campaigns and therefore can appear to be tough on crime with high “Conviction rates” when in reality they were scared to loss at trial on the more serious violent crime charges.

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