Nothing New in the Charleston Shooting

By Austin Cherkas | CHARLESTON

Violent shootings in America are, unfortunately, nothing new.

On the 24th of August, Thomas Burns, 53, and ex-convict returned “disgruntled,” at a popular restaurant called Virginia’s On King in Charleston, South Carolina from which he was recently fired from working as a dishwasher. 

Thomas was armed with a revolver and entered the restaurant on Thursday saying, “I am the new king of Charleston.” It is reported that he locked the front of the restaurant, but never pointed his gun at a customer (at this time). Then he told everyone to get down and moved the people to the back of where to exit was not locked. Thomas Burns was quoted saying, “Everybody get out.” A mob of people rushed out the back, but not everyone escaped.

Thomas Burns had taken hostages, sources are unclear on the exact number. Burns shot Executive Chef, Anthony Shane Whiddon, who died at the age of 37. Mr. Whiddon left behind two children. Thomas Burns was shot by police.

Other things to note is that Thomas Burns had three decades of criminal records and was mentally ill.

This story is not that much different than most American shootings. A “mentally ill individual with a history of violence,” or “a young individual that was troubled growing up.” Politically there are two clear sides, the right wing side where they support loose gun control laws, and the left wing where they support strict gun laws. However you may feel about this issue, it is important to address the fact that neither side really does anything to stop gun violence. After the insensitive social media posts from both sides and how they promise to do whatever they can to stop the needless violence, the violence still continues. Shootings in America are almost in ‘cookie cutter’ scenarios because that’s how often they occur–that is horrible. The Charleston Shooting on Thursday was horrible, but nothing new in America.

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