Socialism Will Never Work

Fair is not a natural process.


By Noah La Vie | USA

Success means having a chance to make the world in your image. That not only can you decide your own fate but others make look to you to decide theirs. Success is always looked at fondly by the world. Who wants an unmotivated, unprovided for, inovationless, society? Truly no one, not even the socialists. Yet success in America, achieving the American Dream, is seen as a blemish. It’s almost as if chasing the American Dream is fine as long as you don’t achieve it. When did that become something to be against?

Who wants an unmotivated, unprovided for, inovationless, society? Truly no one, not even the socialists

The feeling of resentment felt by the less fortunate, less skilled, less motivated, and poorer peoples of the world toward the successful isn’t just jealousy it’s suspicion and anger. It’s not just a mistake to be rich to these people, it’s a sin.

Today I sat across from a man who straight told me the wealth should be redistributed. I asked from whom it should be taken and he responded the wealthy. I asked again, “From who are you taking this money?” He had no response.

The truth is that for every bad billionaire there are one hundred other good ones doing good things. No, they aren’t handing out money to the Middle-Class Family with a roof over their heads. They help the needy college kid, the homeless hurricane victim, the drug addicted single mother. These are the people billionaires are helping, and often better than the government has.

They don’t always make it a big deal either. Bill Gates donated $4.6 Billion not a month ago and few news outlets covered it, Mike Ilitch privately paid Rosa Park’s rent for the length of her life and it wasn’t discovered until after his death, Warren Buffett has given away $21.6 Billion over his life time and wants to give away 99% of his wealth before he dies. These aren’t headlines, but they might be news to some of you.

These acts are huge, hopeful, and make us all better people. Are there predatory billionaires? Yes. Are there lots of poor people? Yes! But taking money from the people who know how to make and spend money and giving it to people who don’t know how to make and spend money to make your world a better place is absurd. A person who is bad with money is still going to be bad with money when they have lots of it as they would be if they had none.


Redistribution erases the good that billionaires are doing in the world. Income inequality, wealth inequality, it’s a product of human psychology and cycles of welfare creating people who aren’t using it to get ahead but to rather become lazy, addicted to entertainment, and seek the path of least resistance. It’s the product of an involved government. If you redistribute you will lose all progress. Fair just isn’t a natural process.

If you want to help the poor, don’t give money to billionaires who don’t help the poor. Don’t allow the government to put people on welfare to squander away. Don’t encourage blatant subservience and laziness by letting your children wash away in your basements. If you want to help us all out let the Government do less, and you do more. The world isn’t fair, don’t expect it to be.


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