“Bitcoin Jesus” is Making a Country

By Mason Mohon | USA?

Roger Ver is a self-described Bitcoin Angel Investor and fan-described Bitcoin Jesus. He is partnering up with another Bitcoin entrepreneur, Olivier Janssens, to create the world’s first sovereign voluntaryist country. Olivier being the “founding father” and CEO, while Roger is the co-founder.

They have titled the project Free Society, and are looking to join forces with a willing government and purchase the territory from them. According to Jansenns, they have amassed over 100,000,000 dollars to create the country.

According to Trustnodes, Janssens released much information about the goals for the country. It would be heavily based on libertarian and anarcho-capitalist principles. There would be no monopoly on military, courts, or police like there is by the state in most countries across the world.

…the country would operate on a fully voluntary basis. That means “enforcement will happen through private arbitration, competing court systems and private law enforcement,” the project says.

At the same time, intellectual property would be a no-go, for many libertarians believe it is in violation of private property rights, and it often gives rise to patent trolls. Victimless crimes would not be crimes at all, such as drug use and prostitution. According to Olivier:

We have backing of over 100 million USD in private capital and are committed to the mission of realizing the world’s first Free Society.

On the project website, which can be found here, they have stated that the governments they are currently negotiating with cannot be revealed for confidentiality reasons, but they did provide some standards on what kind of territory they’re looking for. Among these standards was proximity to both water and economic powerhouses such as Europe, Asia, and the United States. They are looking to go on a national rescue mission of sorts in return for their own voluntaryist system. Janssens made the following quote to Cision PR Newswire.

There are many nations that have a significant national debt or are in crisis. Our aim is to help them resolve that and create an economic powerhouse next to their doorstep as a bonus. It’s a win-win for everyone.

The fateful debate between anarcho-capitalism and minarchism is not a new one, especially in the Austrian school of economics. This country will determine whether or not an anarcho-capitalist/voluntaryist society is possible or not.

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