The Tyrant Named Majority.

You have rights. No mass of people, however big, can change that.


By Colin Louis | USA

You own yourself. No group of people or individual person may infringe on your rights and liberty. Unfortunately, a shadow tyrant poses a threat to that freedom. This tyrant is the majority. When the majority of people rule, a minority is ruled.

One argument for majority rule is that society must have morals written into law and that those morals should outweigh personal liberty. Here’s the error with that argument, morals constantly change. A while ago the majority of Americans opposed the legalization of marijuana and gay marriage, now a new Gallup poll showed that 64% of adults in America support the legalization of gay marriage. Another poll by CBS in April showed that the majority of Americans support the legalization of marijuana. The issue with majority rule is that morals are constantly changing, with liberty you have consistency.

When morals become law freedom is destroyed. The freedom to do what you please is taken away. You are forced to submit and hand over your liberty. At that point, the majority has stopped being a representative of the people, but instead a tyrant. Rather than granting freedom the majority takes your liberty and destroys it.

The Constitution is a good example of why individual liberty is important. For example, without the first amendment, a majority of people may be able to censor the views of a minority of people. Luckily the Constitution protects us from that fascist state. The Constitution is a vital part of defending our freedom from the majority. Thomas Jefferson once said, “A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where 51% of the people may take away the rights of the other 49%.” This describes exactly what pure Democracy, majority rule is. Tyranny.

This is why America is a Constitutional Republic. In America, we have a constitution and bill of rights. This lays out our freedom and protects us from majority rule. America is commonly mistaken to be a Democracy, but the founding fathers specifically designed America so it would stay away from mob rule. Democracy is not the same as a Constitutional Republic. A Constitutional Republic is built to protect individual liberty from the majority. A Democracy is designed to represent the people, the issue with Democracy is that sometimes the majority of people take away the rights of the minority of people.

The solution to this issue is to stop looking at policy from a moral perspective. As a religious man, I hold many morals that differ with my political views. I chose not to look at an issue and think about how I feel about it personally. Instead, I opt to think if I’m violating one’s liberty or not. This simple way of thinking grants that each person may still hold morals without forcing them upon others.

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