Why I Left the Libertarian Party

My journey out of the LP.


By Austin Anderholt | USA

For a few months or so, I was a libertarian. I registered with the party, went to meetings, etc. I was your typical “third partier.” I hated the two-party system. So why, after only a few months, did I switch back to republican? Am I just a party switcher that can’t make up his mind? Did my pharmacist take a few months to realize he was giving me the wrong medication? No. I still hate the two-party system, but I will use it because I must. Here’s why:

The Libertarian Party is undoubtedly the most successful third party in American politics ever. It has people running in all 50 states. It has an affiliate in every state and youth caucuses in about a third of them. However, it’s not nearly the size of the two major parties. The major parties have had literal centuries build. They have super PACs spending millions to get them elected. They have a huge audience of people that will always vote democrat and always vote Republican. They have been American superpowers for years. Their essence has been a part of American culture for years. Think about it: We have democrats versus republican football. Left versus Right. A strong division. Libertarians pull small crowds to their events. Republicans and Democrats bring armies to their rallies. They pay for fireworks and celebrities. They run expensive campaign ads. The libertarian party is no match.

The libertarian party is huge at activism. Their conventions always draw attention whether it be their politicians not knowing what Aleppo is, or letting a candidate strip naked on stage. Where they don’t win, is the ballot box. Except for small libertarian election, the only libertarians that are ever in office switch parties. As Matt Nye of the Republican Liberty Caucus said “In fact, every notable past libertarian-minded elected official I can recall at the federal level was, in fact, elected as Republican. Bob Barr from Georgia? Republican. Ron Paul from Texas? Republican.” There have always been two parties opposing each other in America. When most people vote, they’re voting less for the guy they want, and more against the guy they hate. It’s what campaigns are centered around, and it’s how American politics is structured. It is about whoever has the slight advantage over the other guy. Most libertarians would choose the Republican Party over the Democrats, right? If only half of Republicans become libertarians, we would have 2 small parties on the right, and a huge Democratic Party on the left! Third parties spoil the vote.

In conclusion, America is a two party society. The two parties have all the wealth and power. The American people care more about hating on the other party than supporting their own. Libertarians never get close to winning elections. If we want change, we’ll get it through the Republican liberty caucus. They back candidates that get actual votes, like Austin Petersen and Rand Paul. The RLC is a huge part of mainstream politics and is our most viable chance of liberty.


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