UKIP’s New Shot at Glory

Colin Louis| UK

A new political hero in Britain may be on the rise. In the United Kingdom, the anti- European Union movement has grown under the United Kingdom Independence Party or UKIP. Recently, UKIP held a leadership election to decide who they want to be prime minister in the next elections. The members of UKIP decided to elect Henry Bolton as their leader.

What Is UKIP?

UKIP is the third largest party in the U.K. Their wedge issue focuses on the British exit from the European Union and UKIP was largely credited for Brexit. Their former leader Nigel Fargage campaigned hard for Brexit and is truly a man who changed European history forever. Under Fargage’s leadership in the 2015 election, the party hit it’s all time high winning 12.6% of the vote. However, they captured just 2 out of 650 seats in parliament. UKIP was credited as somewhat libertarian under Farage’s leadership. His goal was to move UKIP away from being a wedge issue Party and get to other liberty based policies. Fargage stepped down as party leader post the Brexit vote and his deputy Paul Nuttall took over. During the snap election in 2017 the party went into a downward spiral. UKIP lost many of its voters and all of its seats. Fargage later stated he may be forced to go back into politics.

How UKIP can win again.

In the election Henry Bolton, a former candidate for parliament under the left wing liberal democrats party, received a key endorsement from Fargage and is expected to revive UKIP after its failure. His opponents ran anti-Islam campaigns. A large criticism of UKIP is that the party is racist and Islamophobic, with Bolton’s election he might move the party in another direction. Bolton warned that UKIP may become the “UK Nazi Party” if the wrong leader is elected.

The leadership election.

Bolton was elected with roughly 30% of the vote. The runner up candidate, Annie Marine Waters, won 20% of the vote. As a show of unity, Bolton thanked her and many others in his victory speech. He also revealed the new party logo “For the Nation.” His win didn’t go without controversy, however. Singer Morrissey went on live television to claim that the election was “rigged” against an anti- Islam candidate.

Bolton now has a chance to bring UKIP back to glory and to have them win elections. Many see opportunity in his leadership ability, and many see hope in Fargage’s endorsement of Bolton. UKIP voters have faith that they’re party can return to parliament to ensure a full Brexit.


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