Weinstein Helped Finance Clinton Defense 

Sexual misconduct and Hollywood corruption


By James Lakin | WASHINGTON, DC

Recently, Harvey Weinstein, a disgraced film executive, was accused of “rampant sexual harassment”. Over 30 women have come out to accuse the film producer of sexual harassment or assault in the last week, resulting in an utter fall from grace for the filmmaker.

As a result, the all-male board of directors at the company he co-founded, Weinstein & Co, unanimously agreed to fire him last Sunday.

This was a particular blow as Weinstein is well known for advocating Liberal causes. He has donated millions to the Democratic Party as well as many campaigns to elect Democratic Candidates, such as the failed campaign for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

And unfortunately, his actions are what some say to be commonplace in Hollywood, with actors like Emma Thompson asserting that “everybody knew about Weinstein” and that “it is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Moreover, Weinstein’s history of covering for sexual predators predates this new allegation. In fact, when Former President Bill Clinton was being impeached it was Weinstein who vehemently came to his aid. According to coverage by the Washington Post, Harvey Weinstein donated the maximum amount, $10,000, to Clinton’s legal defense fund.

The founder of the 1998 legal fund, David Pryor, stated: “We believe that no first family should face such a horrendous financial burden while trying to carry out the work which the American people elected him to do.”

The legal fund raised 2.2 million dollars, $620,000 of which came from affluent A-list celebrities including Tom Hanks, Barbra Streisand, Ron Howard, and, of course, Harvey Weinstein.

Not only has Barbra Streisand donated to Clinton’s legal fees, which were used in an effort to fight a victim of Weinstein’s abuse, but she has yet to make a comment regarding Weinstein.

When compiling all of this together, the question must be begged; is this a sick man in an uncorrupted industry or an industry corrupted by sexual misconduct? Many are quick to criticize Trump for his past commentary, but when will they criticize the deeply broken system of Hollywood?


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