How the Left Obtained Their Media Monopoly

A play by play of how the left wing took over the media.


By Colin Louis | USA

It is very obvious that the media is biased. From late-night comedy to mainstream media there is an apparent bias towards the left. A recent study showed that just 7% of journalists identify as Republican. Media bias has even started being direct when reporters or comedians tell listeners what to do and how to vote. In 2015 John Oliver did a segment on the Canadian elections, he directly told audiences not to vote for the Conservative candidate. This type of bias in the mainstream media is dangerous, the information that you take in has been bent to fit a certain narrative. The left has a monopoly on this information, but how did it obtain this power?

The first reason is social media. Social media is now a powerful tool that is used in spreading news. In modern society, there is more news than ever when social media is run largely by leftists the information you’re exposed to is limited. Recent information shows that Facebook has been censoring conservative journalists. Many conservative bloggers on social media will tell you that censorship is a problem facing their community. Now that social media is becoming a primary source of news the information that we see has started becoming restricted to fit a leftist narrative.

Furthermore, many mainstream media outlets are located in liberal cities. The Washington Post, the New York Times, etc. As a result, many applicants are more likely to lean to the left, considering that these cities have a primarily left-wing population, this location creates more leftist journalists because of who is available to fit the jobs that these media outlets put out.

The final reason that the left still holds the media in the palm of one hand is that their monopoly makes it hard for other news sources to get primary viewership. Now that leftist media has the resources to broadcast 24-hour news and provide constant news updates it’s almost impossible to stop their growing monopoly. The mainstream media has made it nearly impossible for smaller, conservative media to catch up. Forcing you to go back into the leftist media cycle.

The only way that the people can stand up to the leftist media is to find alternative sources. Sources that don’t bend stories to fit a leftist narrative, like here at 71 Republic where we hope to build a media brand for libertarians. Only we can stop the left’s monopoly.


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