Sweden’s Bombing Epidemic

Recently, Sweden has received an abundance of reports of bomb threats and explosions. While some of these bombings and threats are directed towards areas with large amounts of civilians and police officers, other attacks have been directed towards specific individuals.

On October 10, an unknown explosive was planted in a car in the Swedish city, Malmö. As the owner opened his car’s door, an explosion was triggered. He was left with burns and wounds that weren’t life threatening.

On October 13, dynamite was detonated from the stairwell of an apartment building in Malmö. Nobody was injured, but stairwell and front door were significantly damaged.

On October 13, the Lulea Energy Arena was evacuated because of a bomb threat.

On October 16, a car bomb exploded in Malmö. The car was reportedly fine, as it only suffered some damage.

On October 18, an explosion at a Helsingborg police station demolished the front of the building. Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven called this bombing “an attack on our democracy.” Regional police chief Carina Persson declined to answer when asked if this bombing was possibly related to a similar police station bombing in 2014. Nobody was injured in this act of terrorism.

On October 18, the central area of Norrköping was under a lockdown, due to reports of a suspected car bomb.

On October 19, there was a suspected explosion in an apartment building in Malmö. The building received minor damage.

On October 21, a hand grenade was used to severely damage a car parked in a multi-family housing area. The event took place in the Solna Municipality. It is believed that this car was particularly targeted.

On October 21, a group was arrested for attempted murder after throwing fire bombs into a bar.

On October 22, there were two explosions in Malmö. Nobody was injured during these explosions. The police believe they were caused by very strong forms of fireworks that are “almost like a dynamite.”

The disregard for other civilians and Swedish law enforcement officers’ lives has not gone unnoticed. In response to these attacks, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven wants to ”intensify the fight against the serious crime. With stricter laws, better tools, and increased resources for the police, we will fight violence and increase security.”


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