The Full Story of the Rand Paul Attack

By Griffen Smith | USA

Rand Paul has had feuds with members of Congress, GOP primary hopefuls, and furthermore the President, but never has the senator from Kentucky actually been physically attacked.

Until now.

According to police reports, Senator Paul was outside his Bowling Green home mowing his lawn when his neighbor jumped on him. The neighbor, 59-year-old Rene Albert Boucher, has been a long time critic of Senator Paul. It is unclear if Paul knew him, but Boucher sure knew the senator. Boucher’s social media is blanketed with anti-paul and furthermore anti-GOP sentiment. He was soon arrested later that day and admitted to the attack. Now he appears to have a variety of charges headed his way, the worst being assault of a congress member.

Rand Paul, though stated he only has minor injuries, were a little worse than expected. The senator has five broken ribs, three displaced fractures, and many lung contusions. Paul, however, is still grateful. He posted on Facebook Saturday night thanking his supporters for the overwhelming support he has gotten.


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  1. Funny title of the article since this is the shortest article that I have seen with the least information about the incident!

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