Medical Marijuana is Causing People to Lose Their 2nd Amendment Rights in Hawaii

By Griffen Smith | USA

The state of Hawaii is very generous when handing out gun permits

In fact, a report from Hawaii’s attorney general in may of 2017 cites that 98.5% of people who apply for a permit receive one. That is on par with the national denial of application rate, 1.5% (Federal Bureau of Investigation). In greater detail, 35.3% of the 328 people denied was labeled for “Drug Offense.” However, the state of Hawaii included a group that is not exactly part of drug offenders, medical marijuana patients.

Yes, people who are using state legalized medical marijuana are having their rights denied by the federal government. To add to that, these patients are not even a fringe minority in this mislabeled group. The report goes on that 42 people (12.8% of the 328)  in 2016 were denied based solely on the fact that they have a permit to have medical marijuana.

The only explained way to eventually become eligible is to wait until a year after a persons marijuana approval card expires.

In addition, this issue is not just in Hawaii. 29 states now have a medical marijuana program, yet the federal government does not seem interested in giving these rights back to the people. A recent court case with the 9th circuit of appeals demonstrated the law in full effect. The court considered Rowan Wilson’s use medical marijuana as dangerous and furthermore unqualified all marijuana users to defend themselves. This sparked some outcry of violating Rowan Wilson’s rights. Donald Trump junior immediately criticized the issue (possibly because Loretta Lynch prosecuted the case).

 “What about other prescription medications? Where’s the line? Just another chip off the block of liberty” -Donald Trump Jr.

So overall, the problem facing medical marijuana users today is the federal government. The idea that marijuana is going to destroy a person’s life and make them a criminal is over. Over half of the US of states have legalized medical, and some even have legalized recreational. The federal government needs to understand this. Washington must listen to the people and roll back decades of the war on drugs.

Thomas Jefferson once said that all people are entitled to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Well, this situation makes our constituents pick. Life with medical marijuana, a necessity for a person’s survival. Or take liberty with your right to bear arms. That is unacceptable and America must see change

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