Pick Up the Antidote of Liberty

By Joseph Caso | USA

People in America are confused now more than ever. We have rioters that claim peace, racists that claim others are racist, anti-fascists using fascist tactics, liberals that claim to be conservative, libertarians who are pro-government, the list could go on. A lot of people are trying to fight for the side they believe is right, democrats and republicans alike.

They are both wrong. The real fight will never be between these political parties but, rather, between true libertarians and true authoritarians.

First, we need to understand why the great constitutional republic that is the United States was formed. It was formed by people oppressed by a government they once trusted, people who fought and won against the world’s strongest military power. These people weren’t fueled by money or political gain, but rather by the thought that they could somehow, against all odds, create a government in which the people are not oppressed. A government founded on the principles of John Locke, someone who believed that the government should serve the people and in doing so, protect their rights to life, liberty, and property.

But now it has seemed like we have started to lose these valuable ideals that we once held dear. This begs the question, “Haven’t we learned from the past?” Whenever there is a place that doesn’t follow these ideals there is tyranny, and the places that are not yet tyrannical are just like U.S.: slowly descending down a slippery slope to authoritarianism. These words seem ridiculous, but that is the worst part. Western governments do their best to normalize the elimination of the people’s rights in exchange for more government power, by taking their citizens’ rights away slowly but surely. To speed this up they disguise their increase in power as a form of societal progress while slandering those who disagree. Congress passes bills that can only be described as taxpayer-funded government steroids that masquerade as acts of “equality” or “safety.” They make you look like you don’t want Americans to be protected or you are just one of “phobes,” transphobe, Islamophobe, xenophobe, etc.  It is a despicable rabbit hole that western societies are starting to go down and we need to stop.

An example of this would be gun control. We have the right to bear arms in order to ensure that the government doesn’t overstep its bounds. So why would we allow that same government in which we are supposed to protect ourselves from to dictate what we can use to protect ourselves from them? Oh yeah, we need to give them up for “safety,” makes sense. Typical government rights violation for the “greater good.”

Another example of this is when those who are brainwashed in our society try to shut down “hate speech.” The ignorance in that is self-evident. Our rights cannot be alienated whether it is by the government or by another citizen, for example, I can’t use my right to bear arms to shoot someone because that would interfere with their right to life. Shouldn’t that apply to freedom of speech? If someone uses their freedom of speech to shut down yours isn’t that a violation of your rights? The answer is yes, especially in the case of physical force to achieve this end.

What is even worse is that it is not just about people shouting down speakers. If we look to our friends up north we can see that they are passing laws and motions directly impeding on freedom of speech, making into law what citizens can’t say in order to eliminate “hate” and forcing them to say things in that same regard. I am of course speaking of the new motions restricting Islamophobia as well as the slightly more infamous bill (thanks to Professor Jordan B. Peterson of The University of Toronto), that coerces people to refer to someone with their “correct” gender pronouns, bill C-16, which has since been passed and made into law.

We need to stop living in the moment and look into the future if we continue to take these deceivingly “progressive” steps toward big government we will continue to have our rights restricted and our American values spat on. If we don’t wake up now we along with almost every other country on Earth will be plagued with the disease of authoritarianism. So please put down the syringe of government power and reach towards the antidote of liberty, before it is too late.

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