A Swiss Town is Paying People to Live There

By Dylan Byrne | USA

The town of Albinen in Switzerland is currently voting to offer adults 25,000 Swiss francs and children 10,000 Swiss francs (approximately $25,500 and $10,200 respectively) who commit to living there for a minimum of ten years.

Located in the mountains near Leukerbad in the canton of Valais, this village offers breathtaking views and a closely-knit community of hard-working citizens. Although isolated, the commune is within the close proximity of a number of large cities in which a sustainable job may be procured. It is a perfect choice for individuals who wish to maintain a solitary style of living and become heavily involved in the activities of the neighborhood.

The vote comes as Albinen is in desperate need of newcomers, as their diminutive population of only 240 residents continues to diminish, hurting the community’s economic success. Albinen has suffered a severe loss to its population, having become so bad that the village had to close down its public school due to the departure of three families, and many of the houses in the area are vacant throughout most of the year and act exclusively as vacation homes. The past residents, which consist primarily of young adults, have been turned away by the lack of opportunities provided by this quaint village.

The newsletter which described the community’s plan explains that “It is an investment the village’s future. In a best-case scenario, even the village school will reopen.” Officials have high hopes for this plan and believe that it will return Albinen to its former glory as a prosperous neighborhood.

Quite obviously, there are some catches. The house one decides to occupy must be worth at least 200,000 Swiss francs (approximately $203,000), it must be the individual’s primary residence, and he/she who owns the property must not be older than 45 years of age.

If you’ve ever dreamed of living a peaceful life free from the stress of urban living, then this may possibly be the offer of a lifetime for you.