Germany Is Paying Rejected Asylum Seekers to Leave

By Vaughn Hoisington | GERMANY

Migrants seeking asylum in Germany are being offered money in exchange for leaving the country. The program, starthlifePlus, offers a payment to those that have been rejected their request for asylum, and anyone whose asylum procedure hasn’t been completed.

The payments range from €1,200 for those who choose to return and withdraw their asylum application before their asylum procedure is completed, €800 if you have been denied asylum, and an extra €500 for families of more than four that voluntarily leave Germany.

Under the “Reintegration assistance for housing” section of the program, an additional €1,000 for individuals, and €3,000 for families is offered on the basis of “support for rental, construction or renovation works or the basic facilities for a kitchen or bathroom.”

The program is a result of Germany’s failed attempts at deporting immigrants that are staying in the country illegally, which is believed to be “over a million,” since 2015.

The starthlifePlus application process is set to expire for those who haven’t left Germany by the end of February in 2018.