Why Outlawing Abortion Would Decimate the Lower Class

By Jackson Parker | USA

Keep in mind that this is not an argument of the morality of abortion and whether it is wrong or right, this is a discussion on its socioeconomic repercussions and those alone.

Impoverished women have a much higher rate of abortion compared to women of a higher socioeconomic status, therefore outlawing abortion would cause a disproportionate impact on inner cities and other lower income areas. With this in mind this article will be analyzing the issues brought about by bringing thousands of babies into mostly fatherless homes in hardship, the spike of unprofessional abortions and the impact of overflowing foster homes.

Due to these factors and the subsequent increase in fetuses being carried to term, there would be a natural increase in the number of children that simply cannot be adequately supported and nurtured. Single parent households traditionally produce children with higher high school dropout and crime rates, with higher reliance on government assistance. These less productive citizens cause burden onto the rest of society as they contribute less and take a large amount of society’s resources.

With an estimated over 200,000 Texas women attempting a self-induced abortion after legislation restricting abortion access in the Lone Star State raises alarm to the health and safety of thousands of women. It is proven through this legislation that government restrictions of abortion will do little to halt the frequency of the action. These unsafe abortions have a much higher risk of death via hemorrhaging and infection; keeping the process legal will protect the health of women undergoing the procedure.

People advocating for a pro-life stance will say that adoption is a viable option for mothers who cannot financially support a child. But, the massive influx of adoptive children into the orphanage system would cause a backup of infants waiting for families. The rate of adoption would not change because of legislation so the care centers would overflow with children that they would struggle to take care of and therefore would cost the taxpayer additional money, with a cost of up to 48,000 dollars per child, at none of their fault.

Passing regulations onto the country would cause an impact that wouldn’t be immediate but would still be devastating. The gradual downturn of the lower income communities would come in the form of increased poverty rates and dependence on government assistance in the newfound single mothers and then the increase in crime through the influx of fatherless children that the legislation indirectly caused. It would be in the economy’s best interest to keep abortion unrestricted in order to push the lower income community away from a downward spiral of welfare and crime.

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