Communists Take Nepal by Storm

By Owen Heimsoth | NEPAL

Nepal, a country bordering China and India, has chosen communists in their first election after centuries of being a monarchy.

The United Marxist Leninists (UML) and the Maoist Centre have taken control of not just the federal government in Nepal but lead in 6 of the 7 provinces of Nepal.  Their GDP per capita is a measly $837, which makes them one of the poorest countries in the word.

The two communist parties are currently in talks to unite as one party. They are currently just partners. The Maoists were formerly coalition partners with the Nepali Congress, a left-leaning party, but ditched them in favor of the UML. This allowed for the communists to have a majority in the newly formed government.

None of the seven provinces formed in the new 2015 Nepal constitution were given formal names, but “Provence No. 2” was the only one of seven provinces to not elect parties not led by either of the communist parties.  The proposed name of this province is “Janakpur.”

The “most-likely” next Prime Minister is tipped to be Khadga Prasad Oli. He served as PM for just under a year after being elected in October 2015 and resigning in August 2016. He currently serves as the leader of the United Marxist Leninists.

Vote counting isn’t completely completed for the parliament, but the communist win is almost guaranteed. They ran on the platform of helping the working class. Of course, most of Nepal is in the working class. Which of course, is most of the country. Over 30% of the country lives in poverty and 80% depend on farming to make their money.

Communism still continues to not work. North Korean and Venezuelan citizens are struggling to stay alive. Those are also countries with significant natural resources. North Korea is sitting on trillions in natural resources and Venezuela has some of the largest oil reserves in the world. They could be successful countries but communism/socialism has put them into ruins. What does Nepal have? Not much.

Communism surely isn’t the way to build up a country out of extreme poverty. Nepal’s status as a weak and poor country is likely to continue as long as communists are in charge.


2 thoughts on “Communists Take Nepal by Storm”

  1. Note of importance: Both the Communist Party of India (United Marxist-Leninist) and the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) are not revolutionary socialist. The Unified Marxist-Leninists are the most moderate and have worked with pro-capitalist forces before. Although the Maoists are more radical in their propaganda, they have agreed on Keeling capitalism alive. The actions of both communist parties show how deep the betrayal of stalinism runs. Nepal will not become a socialist republic and the working class will not take control under this Stalinist-Maoist government. Why not? Because the two communist parties have agreed on supporting capitalist law and order!

  2. I would have to disagree. Next door Country China is a communist country and a huge economic success. Let me emphasize , the communist party won, the election! And according to the democratic system of governance they will be in power for five years only, after which there will be next general election. Democracy might be more suited for Western countries and America, with a president like Donald trump in power, 1% Americans owning all the resources, thousands of innocent people being killed every year due to lack of efficient gun control policies, I would say merry Christmas democracy. But, for a county like Nepal and me also being a Nepali, I completely support the recent results of the election. This will not only bring us closer to China , it will also provide us with much needed political stability and discipline to achieve some economic success without actually riding on people’s back. Or maybe, perhaps we should follow American styled democracy and join force with Europe to kill millions of people in Middle East. That might sound viable to you. Nepal is a proud country , we have never been colonies of anyone, not even British. We are moving towards the right direction and I am proud to be a Nepali. But, I do sometimes wonder what would it have been like , if we were colonised by British. Our grand fathers killed and our grand mothers raped. I would have, probably been white , drinking tea , banging on about democracy, with a very limited knowledge about world politics and writing a useless piece of article.

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