Putin Responds to USA-Ukraine Arms Deal

By Owen Heimsoth | USA

According to the Washington Post, the US State Department has approved of a $41.5 million arms deal with Ukraine, who is currently the subject of Russian military intervention.

In early 2014, the Russian Military annexed Crimea. Ukraine still says that Crimea is still a part of their country, while Russia and 10 other UN states recognize Crimea as a part of Russia. This group notably includes Syria, North Korea, Venezuela, and Cuba. Russia is still continuing their fight in Ukraine.

In 2014, Congress authorized the sale of lethal weapons to Ukraine, but the Obama administration never fully authorized this deal. Members of President Trump’s cabinet has come in support of this arms deal, including public support from Secretary of Defense James Mattis. The Washington Post also has reported that President Trump has approved of this deal. Canada has also paved the way for defense contractors to sell weapons to the Ukrainian government.

Today, December 22, Vladimir Putin remarked on the deal at a Defense Ministry board meeting. He said, “Russia has the sovereign right and capabilities to adequately and timely respond to such potential threats.”

He also made comments on US defense policy, saying, “The US has recently unveiled its new defense strategy. Speaking the diplomatic language, it is obviously offensive, and, if we switch to the military language, it is certainly aggressive.”

It is somewhat confusing that President Trump, a supporter of Russia, would be in favor of an arms deal that would give weapons to Ukraine. It is well known that he wants to increase ties with the US and Russian governments in the alliance. If this is the case, why does he want to give weapons to a country fighting Russia?

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  1. Trump wants closer ties with Russia. . . but not at the cost of emboldening a Russian strategy that engages in covert operations to seize the territories of neighboring, sovereign, countries and then use identity politics to oust anyone who doesn’t identify as “Russian” but, rather, Ukranian.

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