Edward Snowden’s New App for Guarding Your Laptop

By Emily Merrell | USA

Edward Snowden and a team of collaborators from the Freedom Of The Press Association have teamed up to develop an app called Haven. Haven is now available in the Google Play store and uses the software on a spare phone to detect movement around a room where you may have a personal belonging. This app is especially meant to help journalists, activists, and whistleblowers.

Imagine you’re a freelance journalist becoming a whistleblower. You do research and try to expose government secrets that you believe the people should know. However, you have a strong chance of police coming in to track down your laptop. Haven uses all the software on a phone including the camera, microphone, motion sense, etc. to detect movement in a room. It logs everything it senses. With this app, you will definitely want to use a cheap spare phone. When the phone senses movement it will notify you on your main device.

The app can send encrypted alerts to your phone through signal or it can be monitored through Tor. Haven does not back up information to the cloud and does not transmit data to third parties. You can also choose not to have notifications. Edward Snowden explains how Haven works here. Haven is also free and in its early stages of develop, the Freedom of the Press Association would love for any contributors (designers/programmers)  to help by visiting their Github page or by donating on their donation page.

Let’s create a safe reality for whistleblowers and journalists in today’s authoritarian society. Download Haven on Google Play or F-Droid today.