Swarthmore College Offers a Class in “Queering God”

By Jason Patterson | USA

Swarthmore College, one of our countries top liberal arts school, is offering a class in “Queer Theology”. Motivated to end the traditional beliefs what the Bible says about sexuality and gender identity.

Founded by Quakers, they released this class as a one-credit class. In this class, students study queer teachings about the Bible.

They apparently read the Bible with trans and homosexual theoretical approaches and according to the class description ” destabilizes assumptions what the Bible says about trans and gay humans.

Adding to this the school’s religion department is teaching a class that questions the sexuality of almighty God, forcing opinions on students. This class is called ” Queer and Feminist theology “.

“The God and Bible of Christian teachings say that God is definitely masculine, or is he/she/they,” the description says. Christians claim that God is caring, nurturing and mature, does this mean God could be feminine, it goes on to say.

This class has been rightfully criticized for undermining Christianity, and for forcing opinions on students.

The President of another Christian school called out Swarthmore for ” prostrating the Bible.”

Another critic, Dr. Caner said that Swarthmore was a top ten snowflake university in an interview on Todd Starnes Radio.

Apparently, this class also teaches that after God flooded the earth the rainbow was to symbolize his support for the LGBT community.

Look, I don’t believe homosexuality is against God by any stance. However, we need to get brainwashing out of education, religion out of education and we need to stop politicizing the Bible.

It’s also a wonder if they’d offer a class called ” Queering the Quran” or “Queering the Torah.” I don’t think so.