The Dangers of Compulsory Education

By Josh Louski | USA

What is slavery? The 1800’s American South likely comes to mind. Perhaps you think of the Ancient Egyptians. What about The American Education system?

50 million children, aged 5 through 18, are currently slaves to the United States Federal Government. 5 days a week, they are subject to 7 hours of labor that causes stress levels not found in even hospital nurses. It’s time we call forced schooling what it is: slavery.

By definition, compulsory education is literally slavery. Coercive work which completion is ensured by the threat of force, only rather than the children beings. threatened, it is their parents. Countless parents, mostly mothers, have been arrested on charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and failure to pay truancy fines. There is no excuse for this at all. If a teenager refuses to attend school, that should be their prerogative. Not only should this be an axiom, but it should also be obvious that a parent is not solely responsible for a teenager, and should not have to suffer the consequences of one’s victimless actions.

Not only does compulsory public schooling enslave children, it is also a tool for indoctrination. Most children are being brought up and raised by our government. This is something we need to seriously be worried about. As long as the government has the ability to teach our children, we are in danger of brainwashing. In elementary school, children are often taught about the great services of the government and why society cannot function without it.


This leads to a dumbed-down populace and each new generation is falling victim to it. Do not let the government get its grips on your children.

Public school is also very ineffective. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, Public schools only see 30% of their graduates go on to college, while private schools see 67%.

Do our country a favor and DO NOT enroll your child in public school. It uses our tax dollars to indoctrinate and enslave them. Opt for private school, to ensure that the minds of our children are not corrupted.