SYFY’s Hit Series “The Magicians” Will Begin Third Season Wednesday

By Benjamin Lemley | USA

Wednesday will mark the return of one of Syfy’s hit shows, “The Magicians”.  While relatively unknown for the first 2 years of its run, the fantasy adventure stories first 2 seasons recent addition to Netflix has seen major rises in viewership for the show.

Based on a critically acclaimed trilogy of novels by Lev Grossman, the hit show follows a variety of young characters, swept into the world of magic. Quentin, a student looking to be accepted into a philosophy graduate program, finds himself instead testing for entry to Brakebills University, a school for the magically gifted. But, upon entry, he realizes that things aren’t as simple as they seem.

Starting it’s run on Syfy in 2015, the show has kept audiences entertained for over 2 years. The cast of the show includes some veteran actors such as Rick Worthy, known heavily by today’s youth for his role in the similar sci-fi drama, Supernatural. With that said, the majority of the cast is relatively new to the TV and Hollywood scenes. With that said, it doesn’t show.

“The Magicians” manages to keep viewers on the edge of their seats despite pulling heavily from well-established works such as ‘Narnia’ and ‘Harry Potter’. Season One beautifully tells the story of dealing with adulthood for the first time, while introducing viewers to a world in which childhood never has to end. Season 2 begins to expand on the universe laid out by the original book series by pushing fans to experience concepts new to television as a whole.

Overall this is not a series to be missed. While the show is relatively new, many fans see a long runtime in its future, or at least a couple more seasons. This is conceivable, given that the show has already created some original content, not laid out in the novels.

Season 3 of The Magicians will kick off Wednesday night on Syfy, while season 1 and 2 remain on Netflix.