NFL Playoffs: Let Downs & Upsets

By Harrison Lavelle | USA

In the sports world, today saw many upsets and changes, especially in the NFL. Last Night we saw the Patriots trounce the Titans 35-7, ensuring their 7th consecutive appearance at an AFC Conference Championship. The Eagles also defeated the Falcons 15-10, despite the absence of Carson Wentz, B. Foles later said in the locker room that the team “is the underdog” and could very well head to Superbowl 52 in 2 weeks. The Eagles could have lost, however, with less than a minute in the Fourth Quarter, the Eagles stopped a Falcon’s reception that could have resulted in a touchdown.

Meanwhile, the Jacksonville Jaguars, steaming out of a 10-3 Wildcard win over the Buffalo Bills, roared into Pittsburgh defeating the Steelers 45-42 in one of the most exciting games of the day. The Steelers were down 21-0 by the end of the second quarter. By the Fourth Quarter, the Jaguars were up 28-21. Following a series of Jaguars Touchdowns, and special performances by LeVeon Bell and Antonio Brown, the Jaguars narrowly won 45-42, in a high scoring, exciting, action-packed game. The Jaguars will face the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship next weekend, sure to be an exciting game.

However exciting all the playoff games have been so far, nothing has been more exciting than the 2nd NFC Divisional Round Game between the Minnesota Vikings and the New Orleans Saints. For most of the game, the Vikings led, starting off with a 10-0 lead, then a 17-0 lead, after the Saints missed a crucial field goal. However, in the second half, Brees worked his team to death, bringing it to a 20-14 lead for the Vikings. The Saints scored again, moving it to 21-20. As the Game’s time ran thin, the Vikings went for an FG and made it. The Vikings now led 23-21 with less than a minute left. The Saints later responded with another Field Goal, giving them a 24-23 lead over the Vikings.

However, with less than a minute left and all their timeouts expelled, the Vikings held on. Their QB threw a Hail Mary, which was received by Biggs in the final 10 seconds, who ran 61 yards with the clock run down, for a Touchdown, giving the Vikings a win, they later did not kick the Extra Point. Giving the Vikings a historic upset win of 29-24 over the Saints, after a historic play combination between QB C. Keenum and Biggs. This ensures the Viking’s move on to the NFC Conference Championship, where they will face the Philadelphia Eagles next weekend. Good thing the 100-year-old Viking’s guest got to see her team win live, we wish her, and all of the other teams and players the best.