Trump Denies Plan Change For Border Wall

Eli Ridder | CANADA

United States President Donald Trump on Thursday denied changing his views on a border wall after White House Chief-of-Staff John Kelly said the president’s view on the longstanding campaign promise had changed.

Kelly suggested during an interview on Wednesday with Fox News that when then-candidate Trump made the border wall commitment, including having Mexico pay for the project, he was not “fully informed”.

The U.S. president tweeted early the next morning that his country still needed the Wall for the “safety and security of our country”, stating that Mexico would “directly or indirectly” pay for its construction.

Mexico’s foreign ministry reiterated again in a statement following Trump’s tweet that it would not pay “in any way and under any circumstance” for a border wall on the U.S. side of its border with the Spanish-speaking country.

“Although Mexico has a significant problem of violence, it is openly false that Mexico is the most dangerous country in the world,” the foreign ministry stated in a multi-point release addressing Trump’s current and past accusations for Mexico.

The statement also addressed the North American Free Trade Agreement negotiations occurring between Canada, the United States and Mexico.

“Mexico’s position in the negotiating table of [NAFTA] will continue to be serious and constructive” in an effort to secure a result where all three parties win, explained the ministry.

It also made clear it would not negotiate the landmark free trade agreement, or any bilateral communications “through social networks or the media.”

Image of Donald Trump from CNBC.

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