Corker Says Senate Leaders Have Deal

Republican Senator Bob Corker said the United States Senate is close to a deal to avert the federal government shutdown that will occur at midnight should a deal not be reached.

“We’re down to a difference of literally three or four days,” he was quoted by The Hill as saying.

Both options being discussed would keep the government funded and functioning past U.S. President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech.

Corker told The Hill he expects an agreement to be agreed to before the deadline.

The White house has issued a “lid” to the media regarding access to Trump.

However, CNN reported around 25 minutes after The Hill report was released that there was no time for a last-minute deal, citing a senior GOP official.

It remains to be seen what will occur.

“This afternoon, in my heart, I thought we might have a deal tonight,” said Senate Democrat Minority Leader Chuck Schumer in a speech criticizing Republican dealmaking after the midnight deadline.

Schumer said Democrats gave their strongest effort in coming to an agreement to keep the federal government open, but largely blamed a stubborn Trump and what Schumer described as his lack of leadership for Congressional Republicans.

Schumer said the current administration was “not capable of governing”, but he held out hope for some who could work in bipartisan efforts.

Image of Bob Corker from CNN.