The Government is Constantly Chopping Off Our Legs

Bu Austin Anderholt | USA

Imagine you go to a hospital because you have some sort of minor infection. Now imagine that your ID is confused for the ID of a patient who needs their leg amputated, and your leg gets cut off.

This is a rare occurrence in the medical field. Why? Because hospitals are forced to check, double check, and triple check patients if they want to keep business. Huge lawsuits and customer losses occur when these accidents happen. But what if I told you that the government cuts of our metaphorical legs all the time and no one bats an eye.

Just two days ago, The National Security Agency destroyed surveillance data it pledged to preserve. What was done about it? They said they “regret their failure.”

Can you unsubscribe from the NSA and hire another company to do its job for you?

Of course not. The government hates competition. Before I continue, remember this The government is a service you cannot refuse. You are forced to use their services. They make it illegal to hire others. They can raise their rates (taxes) whenever they want and you can do nothing about it. They make huge mistakes like this all the time, and no one bats an eye. Why? The American public has Stockholm syndrome.

On Friday, the federal government simply shut down. That’s right. All the government landmarks and services you wanted to see and use? Shut down. The government forced you to pay them money for a service, and their executives just decided “we don’t have the funding to operate the service” and they just stopped it. Remember: You can do nothing about this.

If you paid your Internet Service Provider for a year of internet, and one day they just turned off the internet you paid for because they “couldn’t afford to keep it running” would you be angry? Would you want to stop paying? I’m sure you would. But when the federal government does exactly that no one bats an eye.

The next time you drive down public roads filled with potholes, remember that this is where your tax dollars are going.

The next time you taste disgusting school lunch that doesn’t have to compete with anyone, remember that this is where your tax dollars are going.

The next time you see a headline on the news that says “Innocent Husband and wife killed in a drug raid on wrong house” remember that this is where your tax dollars are going.