Shutdown: Wins And Losses


The Democratic and Republican Party’s negotiated an agreement in the Senate over the course of the government shutdown, with both sides gaining some traction in the final vote.

U.S. House passes budget, again

U.S. Senate finds agreement


  • Commitment from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to work on legislation addressing spending cap, disaster aid, and immigration.
  • If there is no agreement by Feb. 8, McConnell promised there would be a vote with an amendment process on immigration, according to CNN.
  • Six-year reauthorization of the Children’s Health Insurance Program


  • Spending bill that restores the federal government.
  • No commitment to Democrats that vote will occur before Feb. 8, that Mr. Trump would be involved or promise that Paul Ryan will place Senate conclusion to House floor.

White House

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Monday that she expects the spending bill on President Donald Trump’s desk by afternoon or early evening, allowing government offices to open with full capacity on Tuesday morning.

“We are waiting on the House to vote and clear and then it will go through the OMB budget process and review and then a legal review” before reaching Trump’s desk, Sanders explained.

The end of the shutdown will be a much-needed recovery for Washington’s image in running the country as it is the first time a single party has held both Congress and the presidency and have a government shutdown occur.

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