Interview with Reese Wood for WI State Assembly

Reese Wood is the libertarian candidate for  the 45th District of the Wisconsin State Assembly. He was born in Beloit, Wisconsin, and graduated from the University of Ashford. Other than running for office, he works for Vivi Media LLC. This interview was conducted to get an insight on running for office, as well as show voters that there is a sane alternative to the two party duopoly.

Keller: What inspired you to run for office?

Wood: Family, friends, and the potential future of Wisconsin. I’m a 32 year old father with four daughters, inspiration is never in short supply.

Keller: When entering politics, what attracted you to the Libertarian Party over that of the two major parties?

Wood: I supported the Obama administration and their campaign as a result of my dissatisfaction with Bush administration policies and agendas. Shortly into the first term of the Obama administration I realized the same policies I disliked under the Bush administration were in fact continuing under our newly elected administration. In 2012 I realized a genuine effort was being made by the Libertarian party to get regular people elected to office at all levels of government. Both Ron Paul and Gary Johnson’s campaign’s attracted me to the Libertarian party, but seeing state and congressional Libertarian campaigns in Wisconsin really convinced me. The Libertarian party has created a momentum, I think many people are taking notice.

Keller: If you had to explain liberty to someone who had never heard of it before, what would say? In other words, what is Libertarianism all about?

Wood: When explaining liberty I remind people to consider the pursuit of happiness. Are you pursuing happiness? If not, why?  Libertarianism, like other political affiliations contains a spectrum of different philosophies. More freedom and less government always seems to explain it well. 

Keller: What are the three most important issues to you?

Wood: The three most important issues to me are education mandates and funding, decriminalization of hemp and marijuana, and criminal justice reform. Wisconsin’s Home-Based Private Educational Program (commonly referred to as homeschooling), is a good example of simply allowing choice. No funding is provided to home school parents, and no tax or legal requirement is imposed on them, other than a free annual state application for each student. Funding for local public education should be a decision entirely up to local governments.

The State of Wisconsin has a complex problem with criminalizing people who are simply seeking to live in peace. Both parties are responsible for the incarceration in our state, which has become the largest in the US. Democrats and republicans will continue to offer hemp and marijuana policy that involves needless taxation and discriminate permit requirements. 

Keller: The two parties have long frozen political thought by creating an illusion that Americans must either be Republican or Democrat. What makes the message is liberty so attractive as a viable third option?

Wood: The message of liberty doesn’t lie, and honesty appeals to most people. Many people understand a need for diverse independent voices among our elected representatives. The libertarian party has worked to reach the ballot, to be included in debates, and to continue civil political discussions. Voters looking for common sense solutions are turning to the LP. 

Keller: The Foxconn deal has been highly controversial not only in Wisconsin, but in America. What are your thoughts on the Foxconn Deal Scott Walker made?

Wood: The Foxconn deal has brought attention to governmental abuse’s against free market solutions. Not only is the Foxconn deal an interference with the free market, the $4.5 in tax money being spent is a complete giveaway. Wisconsin voters will have a chance in November 2018 to elect candidates who appose crony capitalism. 

Keller: If elected, what would your first act be? In other words, what is the first piece of legislation you would like to pass?

Wood: The emergence of the hemp and marijuana industry in Wisconsin could mean peace and prosperity for all of us. If elected, I will work to offer an alternative to Wisconsin’s recently passed SB119 Hemp bill, SB38 regarding medical marijuana, and other legislative efforts that distort the right of Wisconsin people to pursue personal use and possession. 50 years ago we began a discriminate drug war, we can look at our prison populations and lack of economy to see the results. This is one issue that should have been addressed long ago. 

Keller: How can people get involved with your campaign and with the Libertarian Party?

Wood: Social media likes and shares always help. The campaign on Facebook is Reese Wood for Assembly, Twitter @RW4WI, and website is launching in February. 

Keller: Do you have any final remarks for the readers, supporters, and potential voters?

Wood: Social and fiscal responsibility relies on our ability as individuals to engage freely without coercion. If elected I will work to give local governments more authority in Wisconsin. More freedom, less government.

I would like to again thank Reese Wood for his time. Follow him on twitter @RW4WI and be sure to visit his website, when it launches in February 2018.

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