Libertarianism Should Distance Itself From Progressivism

By Colin Louis | UNITED STATES

Libertarianism is a right-wing ideology, but libertarians have unfortunately abandoned our core principles. Libertarianism is and should be about property rights and individual sovereignty.

The core ideas of libertarianism have nothing in common with modern progressivism. A common misconception is that libertarians are “economically conservative and socially liberal.”

This statement is misleading on a number of levels.

The first that the left is not libertarian in any way, shape, or form. A common example used is the gay marriage issue. The Democratic Party has no support for gay marriage on the bases of liberty, their support for gay marriage is based on their support of equality. “Social progressivism” will never be a libertarian idea. Milton Freidman once stated “A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.” Modern progressive liberalism has nothing to do with liberty. It is entirely founded on hyper Egalitarianism and lack of property rights.

A libertarian society would revolve around family, property, and freedom. The philosophy of progressivism centers around none of these ideas. Karl Marx understood that the true enemy of the state where families and heritage. Marx once said, “take a nation’s heritage away and they are more easily persuaded.”

An enemy of statism is tradition. A culture centered on equality isn’t a libertarian society. That is a cultural Marxist society, and the Libertarian Party is facing these issues. Former Libertarian nominee for President Gary Johnson expressed his support for a “bake the cake” policy. Despite “leading” a movement motivated by property rights Johnson chose to go the other way as an enemy of property rights.

The Libertarian Party also enjoys the presence of a Libertarian Socialist caucus that the LNC board seems to have no issue with. Arvin Vohra, the Vice Chairman of the LNC expressed support for legalizing pedophilia.

These enemies of property and Freedom put an ugly stain on the Liberty Movement. Leftists and other anti-Libertarians have infiltrated the liberty movement and have destroyed its true meaning. To fix this we need to step back into our core beliefs. Property rights and individual liberty.

3 thoughts on “Libertarianism Should Distance Itself From Progressivism”

  1. What libertarians share with progressives are values — the kind of world we want to live in. One where children don’t go hungry, people can get the medical attention they need and have an opportunity to improve their economic status. The difference is that libertarians believe it must be done by persuasion and cooperaion not government coercion.

  2. Libertarianism is about non-aggression and free markets and is neither a left or right ideology. Your views on property rights depend on your views within the libertarian sphere. I would encourage the author to read some Bookchin, Kropotkin or Stirner and see how you can believe in economically left ideas without the authoritarianism (i.e. voluntary socialism).

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