Turkey Condemns U.S. Support For Kurds

Eli Ridder, The War Files | SYRIA

Turkey has condemned the support the United States has given for its Kurdish allies in northern Syria, where Turkish forces are engaged in an invasion of Afrin.

Ankara has warned Washington to halt its support for the Kurdish People’s Protection Forces, or YPG, “or risk confronting our forces on the ground in Syria”.

The Kurds are core to the Syrian Democratic Forces that are considered the most effective ground-based regional armed force against Daesh, or so-called Islamic State.

The remarks came from the spokesman for Turkish President Recep Erdogan.

The U.S. Pentagon said that they “carefully track those weapons that are provided” to the YPG, and would continue discussions with Turkey.

“We carefully track those weapons that are provided to them, we ensure that they, to the maximum extent possible, don’t fall into the wrong hands and we’re continuing discussions with the Turks on this issue,” Lt. General Kenneth McKenzie, joint staff director, said.

McKenzie added that the Turkish operation in Afrin “isn’t helpful, and takes the focus away from fighting [Daesh].

Any advance by Turkish forces towards Manbij, part of a Kurdish-held territory roughly 100 kilometers east of Afrin, could threaten U.S. efforts in northeast Syria, and could also bring them into direct confrontation with U.S. forces deployed in the area.

Image of Turkish tanks entering Afrin from New Indian Express.

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