The Midterms Are Coming, Faster Than Ever

By Harrison Lavella | USA

As the 2018 Midterms chug ever closer, 71Republic takes a look at the standing of the current races and observes the results of past election to justify the present situation. So, just like any other election year, there are safe seats, and contested seats. The ratings according to 71Republic’s Newest Race Ratings, brought to you by me, my ratings are compared to other political sights below.

Overall: 71Republic predicts the Senate at 50-50, with Republicans having the Majority through Vice President Pence, at the present moment.

Our Race Ratings are listed below:

Safe Independent

Vermont, Maine

Both these Independents: Sanders and King respectively caucus with the Democrats at the present.

Safe Democratic

Connecticut (Sen. Murphy), Massachusetts (Sen. Warren), Rhode Island (Sen. Whitehouse), New Jersey (Senator Menendez), New York (Senator Gillibrand), Delaware (Sen. Carper), Maryland (Senator Cardin), Hawaii (Sen. Hirono), California (Sen. Feinstein), Washington (Sen. Cantwell), New Mexico (Sen. Heinrich), Minnesota (Sen. Klobuchar), Michigan (Sen. Stabenow), Wisconsin (Sen. Baldwin).

Safe Republican

Utah (Sen. Hatch), Wyoming (Sen. Barrasso), Nebraska (Sen. Fischer), Mississippi (Sen. Wicker)

Sen. Hatch is one of three incumbent Republican senators to announce their 2018 retirements, the PPT of the Senate, and the longtime member will not run for re-election in 2018.

Leaning Democratic

Pennsylvania (Sen. Casey), West Virginia (Sen. Manchin), Virginia (Sen. Kaine), Florida (Sen. Nelson), Minnesota Special (Sen. Smith), Montana (Sen. Tester)

Leaning Republican

Tennessee (Sen. Corker)*, Texas (Sen. Cruz)

Sen. Corker also announced his retirement from the Senate, saying he will not run for re-election in the 2018 cycle as a Class 1 senator.


North Dakota (Sen. Heitkamp), Indiana (Sen. Donnelly), Arizona (Sen. Flake)*, Missouri (Sen. McCaskill), Nevada (Sen. Heller).


Image from the Sophian.