The Real Cause of Mass Shootings

Charlie Gengler | USA

Mass shootings have plagued America over the past few years, and with the most recent one in Kentucky, it’s high time to determine a root cause.

What do you see every time there’s a shooting?  You see the carnage wrought upon by a psychopath, you see people reporting on it you see group discussions, but, most importantly, you see the killer’s name, and most likely a picture of him.  This is what encourages mass shooters, not gun availability, not racism, not toxic masculinity.  For when someone is as far gone as these people, so insane that they are no longer simply suicidal, but they cannot make rational decisions regarding human life, they see one opportunity, be famous (more infamous) and take more people down with you.  They see the chance to make the news, to have their face plastered all over the nation, and maybe even the world.

There are two main groups when arranging mass shootings, Islamic jihadis, and insane people.  The terrorists look to create a caliphate and bring down the west.  They seek terror and intimidation to be widespread, to scare the west and shore up support from their base.  They depend on media coverage to spread their message of fear.  They use it as free advertising and propaganda.  Jihadis use these attacks, not just mass shootings but also bombings, as a springboard for their message, and to whip up westerners into a chaotic frenzy, and to gather followers from those on the fringe.

The other group is those whose minds were not normal.  They most often experienced extraordinary trauma and despair.  They see no point but malevolent action against innocent people.  They know about this option because of the constant media and political attention devoted to it.  They [not always but quite a bit] see their lives as pointless, with one goal left in sight, infamy.  They make it into a mad game, seeing who can reach the highest tragedy, the biggest number of headlines.  This has lead to not only an increasing number of mass shootings but more severity in the cases where they occur.

So, what can be done with this?  We must certainly not control the media through government force.  This, besides being completely antithetical to liberty and everything the country stands for, would be completely inefficient. Nor should we increase regulations in the pharmaceutical industry, or, God forbid, force upon the mentally ill unwanted or, possibly, unneeded medications out of fear and desire to control.  The only thing we can do is provide more safety measures and preventative actions.  The best way to implement this would be to allow firearms to flow more freely to the populace.  This would give the citizens the protection they needed while maximizing freedom.  But how to stop the increasingly worrying rise of those bent on providing harm to others?

For starters, consumers could put economic pressure on more stories that bring happiness.  The people could try and stop giving names and coverage to those whose goal is that of infamy.  All of this could slowly end the threat of these domestic terrorists.  For now, we must pray, give, and remember the victims, and hate, spit on and suppress  (not via government action) those who would want to do harm to others unjustly.

Image from NBC San Diego