Austin Petersen Lands Republican Liberty Caucus Endorsement in US Senate Race

Austin Petersen’s US Senate Campaign Picks Up Key Endorsement


By Spencer Kellogg | USA

On Tuesday, Austin Petersen picked up a key endorsement from the Republican Liberty Caucus in his race against Claire McCaskill for US Senate from Missouri. The former Libertarian Presidential Candidate and Republican outsider has been campaigning against the stalwart Democrat since July and the endorsement is a major signal of Petersen’s strong ties to the liberty movement. RLC National Chair Matt Nye, called Petersen “the breath of fresh air Missourians need,” and pointed to Petersen’s consistent advocation for less government and expanded liberty in the lives of American and Missouri citizens.

“Austin brings some much-needed common sense and has both the knowledge and the skills to effectively articulate the liberty message,” Nye said. “We don’t need another career politician in D.C., we need bold reform and leaders unashamed of consistently fighting for the principles of limited government, free markets, and individual liberty; Austin is that leader and we’re proud to stand behind his candidacy.”

In a crowded Republican primary field, Petersen’s greatest challenge will come from current Missouri Attorney General and odds on favorite Josh Hawley. Hawley has been in the news lately after being sanctioned by a federal judge for failure to timely produce documents in a police brutality case. Petersen has also challenged Hawley’s honesty after the Attorney General promised to not use the position as a step ladder to higher offices before announcing his candidacy for US Senate less than a year into the position.

Petersen is a staunch advocate of limited government, civil liberties, gun rights and most recently received the highest cryptocurrency donation on record for a US congressional candidate. His fiery attitude and statesman-like rhetoric have crystalized Petersen amongst die hard libertarians and common sense Republicans alike as a leader in the fight for liberty. His candidacy for US Senate has expanded his brand and confirmed a growing progressive movement of thinkers in the Republican Party. Petersen’s donation and polling numbers grow steadily everyday as he positions himself strategically with like minded liberty Republicans like Rand Paul and Thomas Massie.

Petersen’s career has included stints as a producer on Judge Andrew Napolitano’s show on Fox Business, CEO of The Libertarian Republic and a second place finish in the 2016 Libertarian Presidential Race. Looking to increase the principles of liberty and rights of citizens, Petersen elected to run as a Republican for US Senate from his home state of Missouri. To learn more about Mr. Petersen and his campaign please visit his website at:



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