Sarwark Vs. Smith, To Debate Or Not To Debate?

By Ryan Lau | United States

In a new development Sunday, tensions are rising between candidates for the Chairmanship of the Libertarian Party. This July, incumbent Nicholas Sarwark will attempt to defend his seat against Think Liberty founder Joshua Smith. The election will take place at the Libertarian National Convention in New Orleans.

Before the election, Smith hopes that he may be able to debate Sarwark on a number of policy differences. 71 Republic may sponsor this debate. So far, the only slated meeting of the two candidates will take place at a forum in Long Beach, California. Additionally, a debate at the Nebraska Libertarian Party State Convention was planned, but then canceled.

However, it is still possible that a debate between the two may not occur. Despite Smith’s firm advocacy for one to occur, Sarwark has yet to confirm his availability. In the following video obtained from an anonymous source, Smith asked Sarwark to increase the number of debates beyond one. Sarwark replied calmly, stating that “I’ll have to see about scheduling”.

[wpvideo O799CjHr]

Without a doubt, the ultimate victor of this race may have a huge impact on the future direction of the party. In the above video, Sarwark and 2020 Presidential Candidate Adam Kokesh agreed on the importance of the party’s future. After Kokesh stated he has “a lot of interest in the future of the party”, Sarwark agreed, remarking “that’s good, we all do”.

However, it is possible that voters may not be able to see a debate between the two candidates prior to their critical election if the two cannot reach an agreement on a time and place for such a debate to occur. What are your opinions on the subject? Please add your comments below.

3 thoughts on “Sarwark Vs. Smith, To Debate Or Not To Debate?”

  1. In this advanced technological age, there is no reason all Candidates can’t SKYPE a debate or three or four (unless they REALLY don’t want to…).


    One of The Few who supported RON PAUL ALL IN by going Republican for 2012. And yeah, I was an Alternate Delegate in Tampa, too!

    Give me a reason to come back. I dare you.

  2. The only people who will vote for the next LP chair are the people who attend the Convention in New Orleans. The way that any other debates can affect the outcome is if it changes anyone’s mind about whether they will attend that event or not. I don’t know what Smith keeps busy with these days but Sarwark has responsibilities as current chair and he is also running a vigorous campaign for mayor of Phoenix. I don’t find it strange that he might have difficulties finding time for any more debates.

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