New Mexican Libertarian Lloyd Princeton Runs For US Congress

By Spencer Kellogg | New Mexico

Lloyd Princeton is the founder of Design Management Company, a national recruiting firm. He has recently announced his candidacy for the 1st Congressional District of New Mexico as a Libertarian. 71 Republic’s Spencer Kellogg sat down with Mr. Princeton to discuss his thoughts on the 2018 Congressional Race.

Why Are You Running As A Libertarian?

I didn’t want to be forced into a brotherhood or sisterhood that is not there to serve the people. I believe that the main political parties have lost sight of what their purpose is. They make promises to get into office and gain power and then they play a political shell game that ultimately continues old destructive programs while introducing new destructive programs. The Democrats and Republicans weren’t working for me. I have not spoken to one Democrat or Republican who is happy with what is happening here in New Mexico. They feel disenfranchised and they can’t stand what’s going on at the national level with Donald Trump. People are fed up and I’m fed up. The writing is on the wall.

On War, the Military and Intervention:

I am a non interventionist. I believe in supporting our military, having a … strong defense domestically and I am concerned with protecting our borders, but I don’t believe we need to be the world’s police force. It is arrogant for us to suggest our sons and daughters fight in a war that does not directly affect America. While I am an advocate for democracy, I do not think that America needs to risk its lives and money to enforce it.

When we interfere, what happens? The backlash of our interference brings terrorism back to our shores. Why are we antagonizing everyone? Couldn’t the money that we spend on military intervention be better spent on education or health? Rather than be the world’s police force, I’d prefer to be the world’s Red Cross. India is one of the largest democracies in the world and do you know what’s particularly interesting? Gandhi had no official authority; he led with moral authority and the people followed him. That’s powerful.

On Healthcare:

I advocate a cash-based payment system. You’d have your primary care physician and they would charge you $50-100 dollars a month and that’s what you pay to be part of the doctor’s practice. We will still need major medical insurance for hospital-required procedures but for basic coverage we need to simplify. If you need something, you walk into the office and there’s no additional charge. If you need a suture or examination, there would be no additional charge. Also, doctor’s can dispense medication that they buy at a discounted rate. If you have a drug that you buy at CVS for 50$, your doctor can dispense it for about $2. The markup on pharmaceuticals is so dramatic and there are simple ways to eliminate these issues.

On Veterans

Veterans are often hampered when they get out of the service even though they have real training and skills. When they get home they can’t get jobs because they have to take additional training and additional hours in the fields we’ve already trained them in. What happens? They get depressed and they turn to unhealthy alternatives. In one way or another we’re paying for all of this. Why not just eliminate the occupational licenses so they can get a job in what they have been trained to do?

On Marijuana & Drugs:

Using marijuana is a victimless crime. Why is it illegal? Who benefits from that? The for-profit prison industrial complex. It’s an industry. I believe we should legalize it and tax it. Why not make it a revenue stream for us? Last year, Colorado made $250 million dollars from legal marijuana.

New Mexico could use that economic stream. Right now, one of the major problems created by Big Pharma and doctors is the opioid pandemic that we see across America. Arizona decriminalized marijuana and opioid deaths went down 9%. Why should I tell you who you can kiss and what you can smoke? It’s not efficient. I want to take the judgement and regulation out and let people go about their business.

On Immigration & Borders:

I am not for open immigration. I believe that every country has a right to regulate their borders and that includes America. I’ve traveled throughout the world and there are countries that are much more stringent than the United States. My application to get into Russia was three pages long! We’re actually quite liberal when you think about it. That being said, people who are here currently & are undocumented should be given work visas. The idea that we would break up a family and send back people who are already integrated into the community makes no sense. Why not just give them work visas so that we can charge them taxes and they can use whatever systems they contribute to legitimately.

Many immigrants, legal and otherwise, are doing the jobs that your average American does not want to do. Who do you think is taking care of our elderly people? Who is freezing their asses off doing gardening in the winter time? Who do you see working in a hot kitchen? I don’t know anyone in one of those groups who is not highly employable right now.

On Gun Rights:

I’m a gun owner and I believe in background checks for the primary and secondary market. I think that some oversight is appropriate but if someone wants to own a gun then they should be able to own a gun. At the end of the day, I recall 5,000 people dying because of planes crashing into the Twin Towers. I recall a truck driving into a crowd and murdering innocent citizens. And I recall a bomb blowing up runners in Boston. If someone wants to create mayhem, they’re going to do it.

Yes, guns make committing violence easier. Most of my neighbors, who are absolutely lovely people, are gun owners. How long do you think it would take, if you’re getting burgled right now, for the Albuquerque police to respond? Three hours. Adding cops is not going to make a meaningful difference to that figure. Why shouldn’t I be able to protect my own home? Or children? It goes back to personal responsibility. Instead of making the issue about guns, why don’t we address the underlying systemic problems of poverty, mental health and addiction?

On Higher Education & Welfare:

Government-guaranteed loans cause education institutions to raise fees higher than people can afford. Then, because you’re getting a loan, you’re less likely to prudently select a field of study that will result in employment. Now you’re saddled with debt that you can’t afford to pay off and what do you end up doing?Becoming a barista. Being a barista is honorable employment but you don’t need to go to college to become to do it.

We have increasingly become a welfare-minded state and that extends to our colleges. One of my competitors was making a speech at a recent town hall meeting in Albuquerque and they were banging on the table yelling “Free Education! Free Healthcare!” and all I could think was, who is paying for it? It all sounds great, but who is paying for it? A brain unused, a muscle unworked does not expand: it atrophies. You get a free handout and you advance nothing.


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