Baltimore Cops Busted for Planting Fake Guns

By Will Arthur | United Staes

Within the past two weeks, the Baltimore judicial system has been quite busy, to say the least. Trial day 1 as reported by the Baltimore Sun brought enough evidence and reputable testimonial quotes to justifiably send a large sum of the police force to prison. One of the scariest tactics used by Baltimore cops, told by detective Maurice Ward (an officer in the Gun Trace Task Force), being to carry BB/fake/toy guns in their cars so that, in the scenario that an unarmed or innocent person was killed by the cops, one of these fake guns could be planted on the murder victim. Whether this technique was ever used was not has not been found yet.

Later throughout that day and the next days, it was found that the Baltimore police had numerous techniques to wrongfully chase, search, arrest, detain, and attack individuals. A few examples being speeding the cars into groups of people and stopping quickly to see who runs (to have a “reason” to arrest someone), targeting drivers of Honda cars, selling confiscated drugs, and stealing money from peoples safes. A full report of even more tactics used can be viewed in this court document from 2016.

These acts display the massive amounts of systematic corruption in the current police force. It is not just that the cops were killing, stealing, and ruining people’s lives. It is that they do it and they know exactly what they are doing. They understand that they are killing innocent individuals. Instead of owning up to their crimes (like a rational adult would), they think it is okay to blame the dead victim (that can not speak up for themselves) by planting a fake gun on them. These Baltimore police officers were able to do this because they were given the power to and until now it was ignored.

The fact that these Baltimore police officers knew that if they planted fake guns on their victims then they would be able to walk away freely also says quite a bit about the system. In the country of America (the most gun friendly country in the world) it is found okay for cops to walk around trigger happy ready to pull out a gun on any individual holding/being near a toy gun (note to self never call 911 when in the boys toy section at any store).  Which does not really sound like a gun friendly country at all.

Image from vox.