U.S. Agencies Expecting Shutdown


The Office of Management and Budget is preparing for a lapse in funding, contacting federal agencies on Thursday over uncertainty that legislators can pass a two-year budget bill and avoid a United States government shutdown. 

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“The Office of Management and Budget is currently preparing for a lapse in appropriations. As we stated earlier today, we support the Bipartisan Budget Act and urge Congress to send it to the president’s desk without delay,” an OMB official said on Thursday.

The OMB, in charge of managing a government shutdown, advised agencies to be prepared for the possibility of a shutdown seven days ago, CNN news agency reported.

The OMB officially supported the bi[partisan spending deal and encouraged Congress to pass it to send to U.S. President Donald Trump.

If the government enters shutdown, the official said that individual agencies will have to approach the situation the most efficient way they can.

Agencies affected by the funding drop will be able to be active four hours a day to carry out an ordered closing.

More details to follow. Image of the OMB from Wikimedia Commons.


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