Norovirus Has Hit The Winter olympics

By Emily Merrell | South Korea

Norovirus is going around in Pyeongchang, South Korea, which could mean total chaos for the Winter Olympics. The virus is very contagious.

Stylized as the “Winter Vomiting Bug” the virus is spread through a “fecal to oral” route. A person gets infected by ingesting another one’s feces or vomit, usually through food or touching surfaces that are contaminated.

This past Sunday, it has been reported that dozens of security guards for the winter Olympics have come down with Norovirus symptoms (Nausea, vomiting,etc.) and were taken to the hospital. 1,200 guards were also taken for testing and had to be replaced with members of the military.

Over 128 people have been confirmed with the virus, and this is not looking good for the upcoming Olympics. Norovirus spreads very rapidly. It’s a typically short illness since it’s main symptoms are vomiting and diarrhea, but that can make it spread even faster.

One infected person can infect up to four other people, Norovirus is known to spread faster than the flu too. Olympic event organizers are promoting good hygiene like it’s the Olympics themselves. However, no athletes have been infected yet and will be staying in their own special compound instead of the Olympic Village. If you’re going to the Olympics or just want to avoid becoming ill in general, here’s what you can to prevent yourself from catching the norovirus (or any other kinds of illnesses for that matter).

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