#LiberateSpringfield – Interview with David Williams III

By John Keller | UNITED STATES

David Williams III is a former member of the U.S. Navy who served in the Iraq War and is eight times decorated. Inspired by liberty he is now seeking office as the Lieutenant Governor of Illinois, following two congressional campaigns, and is hoping to #LiberateSpringfield.

Keller: It is my understanding your first campaign was with the Republican Party. What attracted you to the message of liberty?

Williams III: I ran for Congress in 2014 with the Illinois GOP in the ninth congressional district. I lost my primary by 1427 votes and raise about $55,000 for my first run. 

I got involved in politics because of Dr. Ron Paul when he was running for president back in 2012 with the GOP. I love the message of economic freedom and personal liberty that he espouses. Not being involved in foreign interventions, ending the war on drugs and a return to a gold standard/with competing currencies, ending the federal reserve, ending the wars, state rights and maintaining our Constitution. Clearly, he has had huge libertarian influences, and this is what attracted me to the Libertarian party onward.

Keller: There are many misconceptions about the Libertarian Party. In your eyes, what is Libertarianism all about?

Williams III: Economic freedom and personal liberty.

Keeping the government out of your bedroom and cutting down on government waste, fraud, and abuse where everyone from poor to rich can equally seek out success subjectively without being held back due to massive government restrictions. 

Keller: Most mainstream and local media ignores Libertarian candidates. If you had to sum up your campaign to voters, what would your message be?

Williams III: Vote for me and I will make sure that the politicians in Springfield, just like hard-working Illinoisans will be living within their means. If the average person has to struggle paycheck to paycheck because of high taxation, then all the salaries from the state executive branch down to the general assembly will be based on the state median income. We need civilian legislators, not career politicians. Term limits too!

Keller: With the recent controversy caused by Attorney General Jeff Sessions in regards to the War on Drugs, where do you stand on this war and the legalization of marijuana?

Williams III: I believe in legalization of marijuana recreational and medical. I’ll even go as far as saying I believe that the harder substances should be decriminalized. We need to treat this like a health issue instead of locking up people with bad habits. A person who is addicted to drugs is not going to get better if they’re locked up with rapists and murderers. The federal government should focus on decreasing our national debt and let us Libertarians tackle the fiscal issues that the failed two party system has brought upon us even in Illinois.

Keller: There is a lot of images of Chicago essentially decaying in the media throughout America as they focus on increased crime, gun violence, and unemployment. How do you plan to revitalize Chicago and bring it into a Renaissance?

Williams III: Since I’m running for lieutenant governor one of my duties for the state would be being the chair of Illinois Main Street. 

It’s been far too long where Southern Illinois and the South/West side of Chicago has been taken advantage of by the Democratic Party and neglected by the Republicans.

I will make sure that there will be economic improvements in the Urban/Rural areas in our state by establishing economic freedom zones, bringing jobs to Southern/Central areas such as Mt. Vernon & Bloomington, not just Chicago, a well-needed boost in our quality of Education, criminal justice reforms such Marijuana legalization, decriminalized the harder substances – no jail time, but a fine in place of that, less sentencing for minor offenses, encouraging individuals who want a 2nd chance at life to consider a service in the National Guard, and parental court reformations to usher in a stronger family unit. 


That I will deliver on, and we will #LiberateSpringfield

Keller: Voters can learn a lot about candidates by looking at their agenda. What are the three most important policies that you hope to bring to Illinois?

Williams III: 1. Lowering Illinois state income tax rate for all.

2. Parental rights reformation.

3. Drastically lowering the salaries of the state executive branch and general assembly.

Keller: If someone was interested, how can they get involved with your campaign?

Williams III: By checking me out on the following social media platforms: 




Keller: Do you have any final remarks to the readers, supporters, and potential voters?

Williams III: In the general election, no matter if it’s in Illinois or across the United States, #DewWhatsRight, and #votelibertarian

Thank you so much for this interview and looking forward to seeing the Libertarian party grow nationwide.

I would like to thank Mr. Williams III for taking the time to complete this interview. Be sure to support his campaign with the links above and visit www.dewforpolitics.com to see how you can help bring liberty to Illinois!

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