Ontario’s Libertarians Are On The Rise

By Ricardo Tremblay | Ontario

Here in Ontario, term limits on any form of office are non-existent. What this results in are decades of a single party, often a single person, in power. We have had our current liberal government since 2003. Yes, we have had a single party controlling this province for 15 years. For 15 grueling years, the government of Ontario has faced scandal after scandal, seemingly without end. However, it appears that after years of surging electricity prices and ethics investigations, citizens of Ontario are finally starting to realize that change is necessary.

The unfortunate reality of the circumstances here is that the Liberal Party are not the only ones suffering from corruption. The former leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, Patrick Brown, has recently resigned due to sexual misconduct allegations a few months prior to the provincial election. This has left the favored Progressive Conservative Party leaderless until their elections later in February.

What is interesting and honestly quite amazing is that despite all these allegations, a leaderless Progressive Conservative Party would still end up winning the upcoming provincial election in a landslide, according to some polls. This clearly indicates the frustration towards government as a whole in Ontario. This could possibly lead the way in the future for optimistic Libertarian candidates to make a statement in the Ontario political scene. As it stands, the province is in a financial and operational mess, but due to the recent events that have occurred across the political scene here, we could be looking at much-needed change very soon.