Donald Trump Joins The Gun Control Train

By Mason Mohon | United States

In the wake of the tragic mass school shooting in Florida, the question of guns has once again entered the political arena. Conservatives on the right advocate for more guns, more armed security, and fewer regulations. Liberals on the left, in contrast, argue for gun control, mental health screenings, and occasionally an all-out ban.

Lately, conservatives have been blessed with a president who is more-or-less in favor of their advocacy. President Trump showed for a fleeting moment that he was willing to let the market be free with his far and wide tax cuts.

These economically conservative signals were quickly rolled back with his solar panel tariff and his 25 cent gas tax hike.

Once again he has shown to be a possible disappointment to his Republican voter base, for in response to the Valentine’s Day tragedy he has come out in favor of federal action on gun control.

According to Sarah Sanders, the White House Press Secretary, Trump has spoken to Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn about tightening federal gun regulations.

This is sure to be a thorn in the side of hard-and-fast 2nd amendment “shall not be infringed” Republicans who had faith in the president to protect their interests.

Republicans who tend be in favor of “common sense gun control” will most likely see this as a victory, though.

Either way, the issue of guns is sure to be a prevalent one in the 2018 midterm elections, but whether or not it will impact Trump’s chances of re-election in 2020 is too soon to predict.