Alicia Dearn Announces 2018 Candidacy For Libertarian Chair

By Spencer Kellogg | @TheNewTreasury

Trial lawyer and libertarian stalwart Alicia Dearn announced on Wednesday night that she intends to run against Nicholas Sarwark for chair of the Libertarian National Party.

The chair of the San Diego Libertarian Party, Dearn will also be running against Joshua Smith who announced his candidacy back in October of 2017. Her full letter can be read at the following link:

Alicia Dearn Announcement Letter

Citing the controversy surrounding vice-chair Arvin Vohra and the vote that kept him in his position two weeks ago, Dearn was borderline apologetic in her public letter to current chair Nicholas Sarwark. In the letter, Dearn suggests she had been asked numerous times this year to run for chair and declined every time in support of Sarwark. The Vohra decision and Mr. Sarwark’s lackluster rebuttal seem to have been the shifting point for Dearn.

Dearn has been a self-acclaimed Libertarian since the age of 18 and is well known throughout the party. Some may recall Dearn pitching the membership on a Johnson/Weld ticket in 2016. Her speech at the convention was a rallying cry for many who wanted experience headlining the ticket and her voice was verified by the ballot box. She will pose a serious threat to Sarwark from the delegation who would like to see a more moderate and professional Libertarian Party.

Dearn promised that her campaign will not be one fought in the dirt although she was straightforward in her critique of Mr. Sarwark’s combative response to those threatening to leave the party on principle. She has promised to run on a campaign of new ideas that will move the Libertarian Party forward from its current malaise.

The 2018 Libertarian National Convention is shaping up to be one of the most electric summers in the history of the Libertarian Party. With three major contenders campaigning for the chair position the membership will expect new and bold ideas that can inspire the party and to greater heights.


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