Gun Regulations Are A Slippery Slope To Full Confiscation

By Austin Anderholt | United States

Many Americans are familiar with the horrors of gun confiscation. For example, leaders like Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Castro, and other dictators all followed a similar route in their firearm policies:

1) Take your citizens’ firearms

2) Massacre your now powerless opponents

Because of this understanding, most Americans are VERY MUCH opposed to total gun confiscation by the government. So how has statism survived in a nation with such a strong understanding of the necessity for its citizens to have guns? With a simple lie: “Nobody wants to take your guns!”

There are two groups that perpetuate this lie:

First, there are the leftists. They are very aware that they do want to take your guns. Many leftists have gone through every loophole possible to pretend that they don’t want to take your guns. For example, you might have heard one say “I only want guns to be registered.” Or “I only want to limit the sale of ammunition.” and the occasional “I only want certain guns banned!”

Take a moment to seriously contemplate the outcomes of these potential laws that leftists argue for. For example, if one register’s their gun, the government knows that they have a gun and can take it away. If one doesn’t have ammunition for a gun, they can’t shoot that gun. If one cannot buy a certain gun, they cannot legally use that gun!

Leftists are simply playing with their words to make their fascist opinions seem more moderate.

The other camp of people that perpetuate the lie that “Nobody wants to take your guns!” are what I like to call the “uneducated moderates.” They don’t know that they will eventually want your guns taken away. They are simply showing the early ideas of a leftist.

For example, many of these moderates fully believe and say that they might only support simple things, like background checks and other more moderate regulations. However, one only has to do simple research on the outcomes of nations when they enact these seemingly “moderate” laws.

In the U.K., for example, the government (like every other government that has failed to prevent terrorism and other mass shootings) started on a simple idea: “What if we just had some moderate regulations?”

All forms of gun control fail because creating laws and assuming serial killers will follow them has turned to be a bad idea. So what happened in England after their moderate regulations failed to stop gun violence? The uneducated moderates suggested, “What if we just banned most guns?” Even after that, the astounding discovery was made that surprising, criminals don’t follow laws!

This is what makes the uneducated moderate so dangerous. When they make society worse, they always insist that a little bit more gun control will fix everything.

One might say “You can’t argue that! That’s a slippery slope fallacy!” This is incorrect because

There will always be a camp in the gun control group that insists “What if we just control the citizens a little bit more.

There has never been a society in all of history whose government has gotten smaller or permanently decreased regulations.

In conclusion, the phrase “No one wants to take your guns!” is a lie perpetuated by both the left and uneducated moderates. If you take away anything from this article, remember this: There has never been an instance in any recorded history where any amount of gun control contributed to the decrease in crime.

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  1. How can this not be a slippery slope fallacy? Saying “moderate gun regulation leads to guns being taken” is as realistic as saying “stopping hate speech being protected by the 1st A will lead to the destruction of free speech.” It doesn’t make any sense. Also, statistically, the UK has WAY less violent crime than the US. In fact, the US is pretty much #1 on the violent crime list worldwide. So I would argue that stopping people with mental disorders and people with recorded histories of violence from getting firearms would, in fact, decrease the amount of repeat offenses and gun violence overall. To put it shortly: this article should be under the “Opinions” tab and not news, as the author cannot stay away from loaded language and logical fallicies

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