Life, Liberty, Property – Mike Kolls for Congress

By John Keller | United States

Mike Kolls is a Libertarian Candidate for Congress. He started his political activism as a supporter of Ronald Reagan and found himself a supported of Ross Perot in 1992. In his own words, “Ross Perot, finally! … some different ideas”. In 2012 Kolls discovered the Libertarian Party and has been an active member since and is currently running to be the next Congressman for the 24th Congressional District in Texas. 71 Republic’s John Keller spoke with Mr. Kolls about his ideas and the campaign:

Keller: In your own words, what is Libertarianism?

Kolls: Libertarianism is both a philosophy and a political movement. Our positions are driven by our Non-Aggression principle. Each person is Free to act (for his own best interest) up until the time he injures another person. “Injury” includes physical injury, property damage, theft, deception, and fraud. Gov’t is the most egregious agent of aggression/force. Gov’t should be kept to an absolute minimum.

Keller: The dominating political thought, or rather the frozen political thought, in America is between conservatism and liberalism. What attracted you to Libertarianism and what should attract voters to the Libertarian Party?

Kolls: Both D’s and R’s use force in an effort to institutionalize their ideas/ideology – forced charity and a military-industrial complex, respectively. Both dominant parties want my money without my consent. The TEA Party yearning for smaller gov’t woke me up. Libertarians truly believe in The People and NOT in gov’t institutions. With smaller gov’t, We The People have more choices and Freedom.

Keller: What encouraged you to seek election to Congress?

Kolls: I read the Constitution of the United States. Our “leaders” are acting far outside its provisions. I want to protect and defend our Constitution, to govern properly.

Keller: If elected to Congress, what will you bring to the national political dialogue?

Kolls: A voice for smaller gov’t and a return to constitutional principles. When in doubt, align with The People.

Keller: Important to voters is knowing what their choices are when they go to the ballet box. What three policies define your campaign?

Kolls: 1) a constant discussion of individual Liberty!, 2) conducting politics and governance better than usual, and 3) the reduction of the size, scope, and reach of the federal gov’t.

Keller: The Trump Administration has been highly controversial among all parties. If elected to Congress, how do you plan to work with other members, as well as President Trump, to see libertarian legislation passed?

Kolls: Most Libertarian legislation would be to repeal/vacate current statutes that take choices away from The People. I will always speak the truth of Freedom. Every issue/debate must serve The People. No elected “leader” can deny this, their true charge. The conversation must be long enough to reach its rational conclusion – a zealous defense of Life, Liberty, and Property.

Keller: The Drug War is becoming a hot button issue with the recent clamp down by the Trump Administration on marijuana. Do you plan on standing up to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and members of Congress to end this war on the people?

Kolls: I must defend an individual’s choice, their Liberty! I favor decriminalization (the exit of gov’t, like Amendment XXI) as opposed to legalization, where gov’t would regulate use.

Any impairment (a willful choice) should be treated in the context of injury caused or property damaged. Penalties may be harsher due to the choice to be impaired. IMHO, most will use cannabis in the safety of their own household; NO menace to society.

Keller: What is key to winning come election day? If someone was interested, how can they get involved with your campaign?

Kolls: Libertarian ideas are better than those of D’s and R’s. Liberty! is irresistible.
Within my congressional district some local TV time would assist in sharing our philosophy. I think the general public just needs to hear our ideas. Libertarian ideas transcend Ds and Rs insistence on larger gov’t that, with each edict, takes away decisions from The People.

If you are a Libertarian thinker, be bold and tell friends and family our truth. We must win on our terms and NOT engage in the shameful politics that are all too prevalent.

Keller: Do you have any final remarks for the readers?

Kolls: The brilliance of Libertarian thinking is featured on my campaign website – With a constant focus on maintaining individual Liberty!, I will look to solve the issues facing our great nation. I want more decisions made at kitchen tables than in distant chambers. It is all about Liberty!

I would like to thank Mike Kolls for his time and encourage all of those interested to visit his website.


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