Libertarian Vice Chair Arvin Vohra Blunders With Rapist Comment

Spencer Kellogg | United States

Arvin Vohra has officially gone off the deep end with his latest comments. Today he posted a nearly incoherent rant on his Facebook page that began with “Listen, guys, rapists are good people who sometimes do things we may individually disagree with,” This brand of off-beat messaging is unbecoming of the leadership of any political party and the statement is particularly tone-deaf given today’s climate.

In the post, a rant teeming with cynicism, Vohra attempts to make a strange analogy that, of course, ends with the promotion of school choice (because Vohra’s major concern seems to always be teenagers). He begins by praising rapists, calling them ‘good people’ and suggests that ‘if we treat rapists negatively, it may cause them not to vote libertarian.’ His countless missteps have been documented throughout the past year. Here, Vohra attempts to dig out some meaning with an awfully timed joke and just ends up misstepping again.

His shock and awe technique regresses the work of decent libertarians and alienates those who are considering taking us seriously. It would appear that the parliamentary vote to wave a philosophical finger at Vohra during last month’s LNC meeting wasn’t enough to calm the antics of the most incessant man in the Libertarian Party.

Read the full post here: Vohra Facebook Statement

Vohra ends the message where it should have begun with a concentrated pitch against war and government schooling. Even here though, Vohra is abrasive in his insinuation that government schools are “morally wrong.” While many libertarians take issue with what they see as an indoctrination process from the centralized centers of public education, the suggestion that it is ‘morally wrong’ only stands to turn off prospective voters from the message of libertarianism without address the very real concerns of parents across the nation.

The Vice Chair’s election competition was quick to take advantage of the gaffe. Joe Paschal and Alex Merced linked images to their own campaigns for VC on the post in question. Users on Vohra’s page were in almost complete unison in their anger and frustration with the VC. Here are just a few of the comments on the post:

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3 thoughts on “Libertarian Vice Chair Arvin Vohra Blunders With Rapist Comment”

  1. Meh. Many people feel raped when they pay taxes. This is news?

    Arvin could say’ the Sun is shining’ and these conservatarians/trolls would find a problem.

  2. From a hardline anarchist view (which is Arvin’s), services funded by theft are morally wrong because they exist due to extortion/theft, as well as what they teach/state-supplied-indoctrination.

    His statement is accurate, though inflammatory and certainly not great messaging. But it’s principled.

    I would call it morally wrong if you handed out money on the street to poor people, no matter how nice it is to hand money out, if you had just stolen it from someone.

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