Trudeau’s Joke Of A Trip To India

By Ricardo Tremblay | Canada

Everyone’s favorite substitute-drama-teacher-playing-Prime-Minster-of-Canada Justin Trudeau has recently returned from a very important trip to India. The objective of this trip was primarily to establish important trade deals between India and Canada and to ease tensions concerning anti-Indian Sikh terrorists residing in Canada. Unfortunately for Prime Minister Trudeau and the rest of Canada, he made a complete and utter fool of himself.

Although gloriously hilarious in all the wrong ways, the stunts Justin Trudeau performed while in India were, quite frankly, pathetic. The moment Trudeau and his family emerged from their airplane in India, they are seen wearing these incredibly embarrassing, and I’d imagine relatively insulting “traditional” Indian clothing. I say “traditional”, but in reality, many Indians, including a local fashion designer who mentioned that the garb was a little “too Indian for Indians.”

Unfortunately for Trudeau, and the entirety of Canada as a nation, his sit-com costume party wasn’t the only thing he received backlash for while in India. If anything, this could be considered nothing when compared to what else happened.

Remember the thing about easing tensions concerning anti-Indian Sikh terrorism? Yeah, that didn’t happen. At all. What did happen was that a government official from the Liberal Party of Canada invited a convicted Sikh terrorist, Jaspal Atwal, to a dinner reception with Trudeau in India. When the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) first broke this story, outrage erupted from the media in both countries. How something so incredibly and completely stupid occurred is beyond me.

You thought that was it, didn’t you? Yeah, no. Instead of accepting responsibility for this and at the very least acknowledging it as a mistake, Trudeau decided to back a conspiracy theory stating that the Indian government secretly arranged for the invitation of Jaspal Atwal. At this point, much like the rest of Canada and India, you are probably completely dumbfounded.

It really is hard to pin down exactly what went through Justin’s mind on this poorly planned vacation, but I believe it is relatively safe to assume we won’t be seeing any groundbreaking trade deals between Canada and India anytime soon.