Libertarian Political Activist Turned Congressional Candidate – Jeffrey Blunt

Jeffrey Blunt has been a political activist for Libertarianism since 1998. Since then, he has run nine campaigns and is a firm believer that it is time to be blunt with the American public and it is the time for a major third party to enter the national conversation.

Keller: Being a congressman in no easy task. What inspired you to run for office?

Blunt: I first ran in 1998 because there was no opposition to the long-term incumbent in the district I lived in at the time (District 21, TX). I thought the voters deserved a choice.

Keller: You are pursuing election as a Libertarian. In your own words, what is a libertarian?

Blunt: Libertarians are advocates for freedom. The belief that we should be free to do as we please, as long as we don’t harm others.

Keller: It is unlikely that the Libertarian Party will take a majority in Congress and if elected you may be a lone voice on Capitol Hill. What do you hope to bring to the national dialogue? Expanding the scope of the previous question, what three policies define your campaign for Congress?

Blunt: I would consistently fight for less government, lower taxes, and greater individual freedom.

Keller: The War on Drugs has increased in severity after the Trump Administration assumed the White House and appointed Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Where do you stand on the Drug War and will you take any steps to end it?

Blunt: The War on Drugs has been a costly failure. Aside from failing in its purported goals, the “War on Drugs” itself is responsible for a large percentage of the violence in our streets as drug dealers fight over turf. I am working for an immediate end to the insane “War on Drugs.”

Keller: What is the key to winning your election? If someone wanted to get involved with your campaign or the Libertarian Party how would they do so?

Blunt: The key to winning is convincing people to support greater freedom and less dependence on government. Both major parties support the growth of the Federal government. Only the Libertarian Party offers an alternative. Those who want to help with my campaign or any other across the state or the nation can sign up to volunteer at (Texas) or (National).

Keller: Are there any final remarks you have for the readers?

Blunt: Don’t feel that you have to settle for the “lesser of two evils.” If you believe in more individual freedom, less government, and lower taxes stand up for what you believe in. Vote Libertarian!

I would like to thank Jeffrey Blunt for his time. If interested be sure to get involved by visiting the Libertarian Party of Texas website.


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