Youtube Gun Vlogger Turns To Pornhub After Firearms Policy Update

Youtube is attempting to do what politicians seem inept at accomplishing – namely, removing guns and gun activists from our society. Yesterday, officials at the video sharing platform released new policy updates aimed directly at firearm owners and 2nd amendment supporters. In the document posted to Youtube Helpthe video blogging behemoth outlined measures to block or ban content that promotes the manufacturing or selling of completely legal weapons.

Intends to sell firearms or certain firearms accessories through direct sales (e.g., private sales by individuals) or links to sites that sell these items. These accessories include but may not be limited to accessories that enable a firearm to simulate automatic fire or convert a firearm to automatic fire (e.g., bump stocks, gatling triggers, drop-in auto sears, conversion kits), and high capacity magazines (i.e., magazines or belts carrying more than 30 rounds). – Youtube Help

Youtube is not alone in their ideological war against our constitutional rights. Facebook has temporarily banned users of their site that engage in the promotion and advocation of certain types of weapons that the Silicon Valley social media platform deems unsavory. Only hours after the new policy guidelines, notable 2nd amendment vlogs were already being shuttered. Spike’s Tactical, a Florida based gun manufacturer, boasts over 3,000 subscribers and were temporarily suspended based on the new policy updates.

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Spike’s Tactical had been reinstated a day later after Youtube said they made a “mistake”. That isn’t keeping other channels from reading the writing on the wall and moving their firearm content to other video sharing platforms.

InRangeTV, a Youtube channel with over 100,000 subscribers has challenged the Youtube policy updates in a lengthy but worthy post on the subject of free speech and gun rights in modern America:

YouTube’s recent update on their policy towards firearm content is extremely poorly worded and open ended. It is unclear what their goals are directly, as well as what content is (or might be) actually effected. YouTube’s actions against firearms related, as well as some other, content over recent history has been increasingly arbitrary and capricious so there is little reason to believe that this new policy is not going to be used to hammer content creators into whatever corner they see fit.

I would like to point out that a very simple search on YouTube for marijuana and bong reveals substantial results of people explaining, teaching the use of, advocation and actively using a Federally illegal schedule 1 substance:

While I personally believe that people should have autonomy over their own body and be allowed to make personal choices about what they intake into themselves, I can’t help but find it hypocritical and disturbing that clearly illegal activity is acceptable while clearly legal activity, such as the content we distribute via InRange, is being actively persecuted.

In summary, we are looking for a safe harbor for our legal content and viewers, monetization aside.

For InRangeTV and other companies dependent on utilizing media platforms to promote their business, the new policies outlined by Youtube are a disturbing blow that infringes on the civil rights of 2nd amendment supporters. The targeted maneuver is not the first time Youtube has outlawed gun advocacy content. After the Las Vegas shooting in October, Youtube updated their policy guidelines to ban any videos that included controversial bump stocks which allow firearms to turned from semi to fully automatic weapons.

While Youtube retains all rights to govern the content on their network as they see fit, the size and scope of their outreach cannot be denied and the nature of how private their business is should merit scrutiny. As we have seen with numerous other social platforms, there appears to be a concentrated effort against a certain type of freedom and a certain type of person in this country. The recent actions from Youtube, Twitter & Facebook all signal a future where guns and gun manufacturers are looked at and treated as criminals.

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  1. Bump stocks don’t even convert a firearm into an automatic. The Obama administration confirmed that when they reviewed the devices.

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