Parkland Student Activist Justifies Ostracizing Nicholas Cruz

By Mason Mohon | @mohonofficial

Emma Gonzalez, a survivor of the Valentine’s Day Parkland massacre, has made the rounds of national news lately, along with other survivors such as David Hogg. They have made frequent news appearance speaking primarily for gun control.

Gonzalez, in a speech that occurred recently after the Parkland shooting, attempted to justify the treatment of Nicholas Cruz that reportedly has happened since middle school.


“Those talking about how we should have not ostracized him, you didn’t know this kid! We did!”

Her statement seems to indicate that Cruz “deserved” the treatment he received from his peers.

In response to the student walkout movement, a counter movement know as “Walk Up” was sparked, that advocated for talking to the kids that were alone and without friends.

Gonzalez’s statements go directly against the intentions of the Walk Up movement. It seems that rather than integrating hurt and broken kids into social groups, the Parkland activists wish to attack gun owners and the NRA within the United States.

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6 thoughts on “Parkland Student Activist Justifies Ostracizing Nicholas Cruz”

  1. This is terrible. It’s too bad that there are no laws to charge Mr. Emma Gonzalez for his disgraceful bullying. Maybe in the future when a child is bullied and ends up committing a crime because of it we can find a law to put on the books to punish the bullies who helped cause it. Write your congressman. Mr hogg and Mr. Gonzales need to do some hard time.

  2. David Hoggy admits to bullying Cruz.
    Emma Gonzalaz admits to bullying Cruz.

    This could all have been avoided if Hillary was elected in 2008

  3. He did a horrible thing and those that bullied him were wrong and perhaps contributed to his mental state. I was bullied until the day I fought back and knocked my tormentor out. I was still an outcast but the bullying and tormenting stopped.

    • Except, there is no admission of anything. Stop blaming the victims, while trying to make the murderer into a victim.

      • Yes because bullying someone to the point of murderous mental breakdown makes them innocent he did a horrible thing sure but he was allowed to slip through the cracks and remain isolated and alone all the while teachers allowed it to happen knowing that situations like this created shooters eric harris dylan klebold seung huu cho and others and knowingly did nothing as the saying goes you reap the crop youve sown

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